6-button Mini-Mas Thoughts/Opinions

I might pick one up on Monday.
Any one know about these or have one that can shed some light on it?

Cause I’ve heard a lot of good things.
But I’ve heard a lot of bad things.
my friends Mas was PS1/2 and DC compatable and it blew out 2 of his 1P dc ports…so I’m kinda weirded out by that.

Also I wanted to know if it worked with the DC “Total Control 1” converter and if it does how well does it work? Like input lag wise?


Pic: http://www.alphaelectronics.com/sys_img/masmini_1.jpg


Look less cumbersome than the regular ones. Never used one so can’t say much past that.

I’ve had one for awhile. In my opinion the only big problem with it is that the stick is kinda low in comparison with the case, so if you put it on a coffee table or something to play and press down hard enough the whole case will jump towards you. I only have a problem with this with MvC2 because well, it’s MvC2. If you play in your lap it’s not a problem. Overall though it’s a really great stick.

As a general rule for MAS sticks just get it for PS1/2 and use adapters. Don’t get multiple compatibility because it costs a lost more and a lot of people had problems with Playstation + Dreamcast connections.