6-Button Stick Appreciation!


Disclaimer: This is not a six versus eight thread. Troll at your own risk.

Let’s see your 6-button arcade sticks! Some examples to start:

Namco Arcade Stick (Hori) - The OG of 6-button

Agetec Arcade Stick

Sega Virtua Stick High Grade

Hori Fighting Stick V3 (yellow modded by guldberget)

MAS Super Pro

EXAR Wii Stick

Nintendo Score Master

Hori EX2

Hori Fighting Stick Cube

Capcom Fighter Power Stick

Qanba Ice Blue

Voltech VAS-HG

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This is cool.


i thought i had asked politely not to post up sexy pictures of the Fighting Stick V3 but now you also have sexy pics of the vshg and the namco too.(trigger finger twitches)


Wow, I didn’t expect this [thread] as a response.
I was expecting a infraction or a “Hey F$#k off Dark Sakul” or somethign to that remark.

I did think you all felt this strongly over 2 less buttons

[S]Can we just agree to disagree[/S] Watch this Video, and bring about world peace?
This is my peace offering


Hahah funny thread idea!! Those “8 buttons” have had enough of the market. Getting fat while we starve is what they are doing! Time for us to revolt! OUR TIME IS NOW!!! VIVA LA SEIS BOTON REVOLUCION!!!
6 Button souji5 custom


<3 6 button layouts. I have three Namcos, four Agetecs, and have modded most of my sticks to be 6 button.

Couple pics of my massive six button stick. 3" tall, 9" deep, and 28" wide.
made from a single piece of .074" cold rolled steel. Sadly, I haven’t made a bottom for it yet.
Powder coated to be textured.
Pre Powder Coat


Here is a pic to give an idea of the size with its old buttons.


and with its current button config



Man, I want a 36" now.




lol, does it count if I took an 8 button stick and took out 2 of the buttons?


You guys will be jealous of my huge 6 button collection, because that’s all I have. Pics up soon


Wow. Is this thread actually happening?

8-buttons is dick. 6-buttons is cooler. 6-buttons zealot is childish.


Nothing to be zealous about, its more of a preference and standard on an arcade cabinet.


This is a thread for posting pictures. No one is here to argue.


You forgot the sega power stick 2(megadrive):


Game Fighter(megadrive):


Arcade Joystick(megadrive):


Topmax (Dreamcast):

Fighter Stick SN (Super Famicom):




Six X2…

Half way there…




I always figured the 1P layout was to keep the elbow in, or rather, to work better as a layout when your elbow is forced in (because of the 2P person right next to you). The 2P layout seems more ergonomic.

So it’s confusing why the 1P layout is often chosen for single-player panels. Maybe people got used to the 1P side, or they just didn’t think about it and figured 1P was the dominant design rather than the compromised one. Anyone know for sure?


Sega can do no wrong. Both the New Net City and Lindbergh have sexy art.


Darn right, its all about 6-button.

sigh Its been a week & a half now, but hopefully my mounting plate will arrive from lizard lick soon, and i can finally build and show off my custom PS2 HRAP.


If less is more then, I present this


The NES Advantage. 2 Buttons Baby. From what i understand the NES advantage has a compatible balltop to Sanwa and Seimtsu.

Which gave birth to this


Early Six Button Stick, The Super Advantage It was not till later the 6 button layout was changed for Street Fighter


Behold The Capcom Fighter Power Stick for the SNES. Note the custom disconnect for the SNES system cable.