6 button stick problems?

So I was told that having only 6 buttons on a stick and leaving the other two contacts, the L1/L2 signal lines, disconnected from anything could cause them to stick. This doesn’t make any sense to me electrically so I was hoping someone here would be able to clear this up.

So to clarify someone told me you needed all the signal for the cthulu boards or else the ps3 would think the button was being pressed. This makes sense in that if you were to design a microcontroller from the ground up you would have to account for all the buttons in your design. However, I would think that physically connecting the signal lines to a button would be unnecessary because when the button is not pressed it is the same as an open circuit, so not connecting any button would be the same as never using the button and should be ok…

Can anyone verify this?

Ex. does anyone have a axisdapter where they’re only using 6 of the 8 buttons.

Yes, with buttons. But analog triggers/analog sticks might do weird things if left open.

Cthulhu doesn’t care. Use 'em, wire’em, don’t use 'em, don’t wire 'em, it just doesn’t care and will just work.

Electrically, there is absolutely no difference between a signal line that has a wire running from the board to an unpressed button, and one that doesn’t have that wire at all. Either way, it definitely in not a pressed button, so the Cthulhu keep reporting every frame ‘hey, that one is not pressed’, just like it should.