6-Button Vs 8-Button Layout?


I see all these custom stick jobs on the forum where the 8-buttons are retained. In the past with my own custom sticks, i’ve tried the 8-button layout for a bit, and it was always annoying as hell.

I’m used to never looking at the controls and just feeling my way around the buttons, and the presence of those extra 2, totally screws up my sense of hand placement. I’ll find myself hesitating on certain actions because i’ve suddenly become unsure if i’m pressing the right buttons or not.

Who here is actually comfortable using this set-up?

6 buttons or 8 buttons, what is your preference?

I’m fine with it and it makes it easier to switch to SNK games too.


There’s already a million threads on this subject.


I don’t have a single game that needs those extra two buttons, they just get in the way. Arcade machines only have 6 sometimes less depending on the game.


I understand the logic of having a 6-button stick. There’s no fighting games out there (that i’ve ever seen anyway) that actually use more than 6 command buttons. At the same time though, I can’t help but feel like only having 6 buttons is a waste when you have the capacity for 8. . . =P

That, and my Mad Catz Fightstick SE was the first stick I personally owned anyway, so the layout really feels most comfortable to me.


I prefer 8 buttons because I need those to navigate through menus; else I would get 6 buttons if menus arent a cocern.


I play with 8 Fot Street fighter I make the other 2 taunts ( I refuse to do one button PPP KKK combos) I like having 8 for some SNK style games and my preferred Blazblue layout.



4 in a row layouts help very much with KOF and BlazBlue. Arched style where LK = A, LP = B, MP = C, HP = D is just … bizarre to me when playing BB and KOF.

could go 7 button only layout, but that last button spot looks wrong with nothing there.


I like the 8 button layout


8 button allows you to navigate thru certain game menus. I usually disable them so that its only function is to navigate. As for hand placement, I don’t get how it’s so hard :confused:

In the end, it all comes down to aesthetic preference. If some of the buttons are covering the artwork, I tend to stick to 6 buttons and save money from buying 2 PS-14-KN’s that will be rarely used.


For those of us with a single stick, having 8 buttons allows for games that could come out, xbox live arcade or what have you that may use more then 6 buttons. The extra 2 buttons seldomly get in the way for me.


8 button layout… Virtua Stick High Grade style.


I am comfortable using eight action buttons.

I adjust easily on what lay-out I put my hands on.
But then again my personal joy-stick uses a totally different lay-out than the main lay-out selections.



never seen that layout on a harp before nice custom i perfer 8


i only use six cuz i only play street fighter, 8 buttons is too confusing for me:bgrin:


I suppose 8 button would make sense if you only have one stick and have alot of SNK type games.


Gotta have 8 buttons to play Bushido Blade.


Six, for SNK/BB I use the curve. I got a custom stick.


i like the 8 button layout aswell, but with BB i do it x, square, circle, r1, then use l1 for taunt. that just feels more right to me


another vs. thread?

well anyway, 6 button…keep it authentic…anything more than 6 you using 3k, 3p, both or macros.