6 button vs 8 button


I’m looking for a fighting stick on the web (incredibly hard to find) and I see there are atleast two type of sticks. The six button version and the eight button.

I was wondering is 8 buttons a real advantage playing e.g. SF4?
Cause I see there might be some problems doing some of the specials/ultras without my LT and RT… Anyway, you get my point.

Anyone wanna share with me how the use of six buttons are compatible for sf4?
And could anyone direct me to some 8button order stores (in stock)?


They say it’s not necessary, I think it would be nice to have as an entry level stick. I’m on the lookout for one myself.

Oh and you didn’t use the search function … Someone in the next couple posts (not me, I could care less) is going to raise hell about this, put your flame suit on. :slight_smile:




My personal opinion is that it’s less error prone to just hit three buttons than it is to shift your entire hand over to hit the one button, and then have to bring your hand back to ‘home’ position. It’s also probably quicker, too, once you get used to it.

Thanks for input so far.

Still, nobody can direct me to where I can order one of these sticks?

Edit: International shipping req.

8 button set ups are nice for SNK games.

eBay has plenty of sticks in stock. HRAP3. SE. TE, you name it. They ship internationally too. Do you have any money?

Is it too hard to just look around the front page or go on ebay?

8 buttons for SNK games? :wow:
just need 4! (5 for kof xi)

where are you living midian?

and button preference is down to the player, you dont really need to have an extra two buttons for a command you can input on the 6 buttons already there (ie LT = KKK or you could just press the three buttons under you fingers)

but like i said, its up to you…

Why limit yourself to 6 or 8 buttons? Go for 12.

Why, then, stop at 12? Go for broke: 24.

I say 8 button I use a modded SE stick with 8 way restictor plate, and my Ultras are easy becase I use my last 2 buttons on my arcade stick. RB 3punches LB 3kicks (290 wins ranked match wins Top 7,000 on SF4)

He means the arrangement. 6 button setups are rather goofy to play SNK games, but with 8 buttons, it would be more comfortable.

Go for…

OVER 9000!!!

if you are expecting to transfer your skills to the arcades, get used to 6… double fireball motion > buttonplug =/= ultra

Rawr! Need more buttons!

6 or 8 doesn’t matter. You’ll adjust regardless.

Owning both 6-button and 8-button joysticks, I prefer the former since it prepares me for tourneys, with its layout.

Oki, i searched the ebay site and found some sticks :slight_smile:
How is the payment over ebay done?
I was not required to enter any visa or mastercard information, so do you pay at the post office when it arrives?

you must be kidding? Please say you are.