6 buttons or 8 buttons, what is your preference?


I really can’t stand 8 button sticks, it also sucks that everything available nowadays comes with the 8 button layout. I’m definitely an old schooler and prefer 6 buttons on all my sticks. My question is what is your preferred button layout and if you prefer 8 buttons, what do you use the extra 2 buttons for?


I grew up in arcades so I prefer six buttons. since all sticks come with eight I just don’t use the other two. I just leave them and use them as replacements for the other six.


Honestly anything less than 16 buttons is stupid.

And besides a long running old joke here, it doesnt matter… cant stand 8? Pull 2 and drop in button plugs. Dont like that look? Build or commission a custom.




Oh lawd


I prefer 6 buttons since the last 2 (LB and LT) are rarely used in fighting games anyway. However sometimes you need 8 buttons unless the game allows you to unbind the “menu scroll” buttons, which are usually RB and LB. If you can set them to “none” in a game usually you can use another setting to move the options. Otherwise for stuff that doesn’t let you rebind anything, like SFV, well…you need 8.

One thing you could do If you only want a completely level 6 button layout is to move all the QD’s one level to the right, then put LB and LT on the far left buttons. Then if you don’t want to use them, put the cover onThat does work nicely but can be awkward if you’re already used to the staggered layout.

That layout could actually make a LOT of sense, since then “LB” would be on the top left and RB would be on the top right, same with LT and RT.
However if your artwork is already labeled with color coded “X, Y”, etc, then it probably would be best to relocate the buttons if they are also color coded, even though the color positions wouldn’t match up, at least the color codes would correspond to the right button’s colors!

You people that have single color buttons and neutral artworks won’t need to worry about any of that. Just move the quick disconnects…

One thing which always seems totally illogical:
Why is it that on Xbox pads, hard punch defaults to RB and hard kick defaults to RT?
What’s the sense in that? Didn’t HP default to “LB” on Super NES pads?


I think the extra 2 buttons depend on the game. Some do 3xpunch or 3xkick I think.

I wouldn’t mind putting in button plugs on the extra 2, but they really don’t bother me that much.

If I was to put button plugs in, I’ve thought about adding 2 switches to switch between the plugged button and the adjacent one, just in case I need it or for on the fly button remapping, but it probably isn’t worth the effort, just ignore the last 2 buttons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There was no LB/ RB on the SNES Pads, just L and R
L was Heavy Punch and R was Heavy Kick.


So to make this all into prospective here is the control scheme for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive

3 button controller (yes you read that right)

A: Light

B: Medium

C: Heavy

Start: Cycles A, B & C between Punches and Kicks

Sega and NEC (Turbo Grafix/ PC Engine) introduced the 6 button controllers
The Six Button controller can do the correct Street Fighter Layout.

Both have to do various hacks and work-arounds to expand on the controller and it’s current interface.
The 3 Button Sega Genesis Pad was already a expanded hacked Sega Master system controller which was expanded from designs borrowed from Atari 2600 joysticks. (The Genesis Mk I and Mk 2 was compatible with Sega Master system games with a cart adapter like the power base converter).
So the Six button genesis pad is quite convoluted on how it functioned (it expanded from the 3 button Genesis’ Hi/Lo logic).

SNES technically already have a 6 button controller but the L and R buttons were not intended for regular play as you look at how they place those buttons.
The Hold you have for a SNES pad for Street Fighter was not even conceived when the SNES Pad was designed, but many people adopted to the hold just fine.
Other people needed to adopted a 6 button Fight pad for the System, yes Hori’s original Fighting Commander was for the SNES.

Sega Saturn added shoulder buttons to a 6 button pad, PlayStation OG digital pads was just a really a redesigned SNES pad with two sets of shoulder buttons.
Capcom (and others) decided to put 3P and 3K on the R1 and R2 buttons like FreedomGundam said.


I actually remember the hori commander.
Then I remember buying some plastic 6 button joystick for the SNES for street fighter 2 hyper fighting to play at a friend’s house.
I don’t even remember what it was called. It was some weird cheap company and it was probably the WORST joystick I ever felt in my life…

I’m sure one of you know what I’m talking about.

It had a ball top handle and was made of the most flimsy plastic in the universe.
All black.


Don’t be a dick, cover up those last two buttons.


This has me thinking…

So console-wise, with the exception of the Sega Genesis 6-button and the Sega Saturn, don’t most first-party controllers have 4 “face” buttons and 2+ shoulder ones? Not really ideal for most fighting games.

But thinking about the OP, since most people seem to prefer 6 buttons it seems like the last 2 aren’t likely used much.

I’d be more interested in talking about button layouts for games.


Six. Forever and always.


I have nothing against 8-buttons personally. What I do hate is when whiny gamers act like sticks are complete garbage if they only have 6-buttons and that the stick “isn’t 100% working” without those extra two buttons for their precious macros. I fail to understand why macros are necessary when one of the key points of the arcade layout is having all your buttons in a way that your fingers can press any combination of them simultaneously.


I much prefer the look and feel of a 6 button layout.

I’ve tried to do the 8 buttons even with it turned off, I find I’m pressing it so in most cases I plug them off.

For my sticks that I can get a plexi for (TE, hori scv, VS), I will always order just a 6 button version.

For sticks that’d need a metal replacement, I got to JCC (I’ve ordered 2 vlx replacements)

It’s all about preference at the end of the day and how much you want to spend for the preferred experience.


6 buttons + 2 caps is shameful.


there have been countless threads dedicated to this topic…
basically the answer you seek is “6 button is life”


Aside from goofy memes, 8 buttons gives more versatility for non fighting games, For example, when recently playing through X4 and X5, I had jump: 1k, shoot/slash: 1p, dash: 2p, special move/weapon: 3p, giga attack 4p, weapon toggle L: 3k, weapon toggle R: 4k. Even some SNES games, which obviously topped out at 6 action buttons can benefit on an 8 layout vs a 6, i.e. Contra 3, where doing a lot of the L/R hold stuff and using bombs is more awkward on a 6 button layout.


I’m usually a 6 button guy, but I like binding the 4th punch button for V trigger in SFV.


All was said and done when @deserada spoke thusly:

As for this:

Except you are just assigning buttons for the hell of it :slight_smile:

The dash button is not needed, you can just double tap forward, right? And you can also easily ditch one of the weapon toggle buttons, so that leaves 5 buttons that are actually useful.