6 hit juggle on hugo after unblockable

I was at the arcade last week and saw an oro do this:

Conditions: Hugo is in the corner

The Setup: Oro throws a SA2 and does jump mk cross up as SA2 hits Hugo to setup the unblockable. so now Oro is in the corner.

The combo: after SA2 finishes hitting, close mp (2 hits) -> fierce fireball -> roundhouse chicken feet (now oro switches sides so Hugo is in the corner)-> close mp (1 hit) -> CSJ -> jump fierce/roundhouse.

the only thing i am not sure about is whether the fireball is a fierce or a strong. but i’m pretty sure everything else is correct. enjoy.

That juggle can’t work. Take a look at the juggle points:

1+3 (2-hit launch) + 1 (fireball) + 1 (chicken) + 1 (1-hit launch) = 7

If the 1-hit launch was the 6th juggle point, you’d be allowed to connect the CSJ roundhouse as long as Hugo is in air reel.

It’s more likely that the guy did a variation of Inoue’s Hugo juggle: 1-hit launch xx Fierce fireball, Roundhouse chicken, 1-hit launch, CSJ whatever. However, the Roundhouse chicken doesn’t make Oro switch sides in this juggle. So it could be something else.

The only Hugo sideswitch combo I know of is simply 2-hit launch xx Roundhouse chicken, kara Strong uppercut or standing Roundhouse.

You have to kara the uppercut in that combo? No wonder I could never do it. I hate the matchup with hugo even more, now.

well, i dunno then. i know for sure that he did a fireball and a chicken feet and after the chicken feet oro switched sides which was what really caught my attention. i don’t use oro so i just wanted to say that something like this works and i’ll let the oro experts figure it out.

this same guy also had a weird juggle combo using EX SA2 but it did really low damage so i was like WTF did he waste 3 bars on that.

ChickenMan: Huh? Oro has a big advantage over Hugo.

pocari: I dunno either. It’s probably not too important, but if you see it again let us know.

hahaha yeah, i eat hugos like a fat kid eats cake. nasty.

anyways jinrai, i’m actually pretty sure if you time it too early or something, rh chicken DOES switch sides…on the ps2 version, when i have hugo in the corner, sometimes after i do mp(1-hit), fierce fireball, rh ckn, he then swithes to the otherside and then my combo gets fucked up cause the charge is all funny

Oh, I’m not saying that its hard, I just hate playing it because oro’s staple juggle doesn’t work.