6 hours of marvel with top players

yoyo wasup people i captured 6 hrs of marvel and got it on google video, the matches include players, yipes me matrix the law josh wigfall desman justin wong and liston aka gary ;` )
justin did a dope as iron guy infinite on sent in the air too good the vids all work but someone told me vid 1 aint work in there comp and other people said it worked find there all in 3vix fast motion codec with wma2 audio,


if link dont work then go to http://video.google.com/ and search for mvc2 they will all come out.

btw; also eddie lee we played at his house that night him and the law were using strider domm xxx


is it me or can nobody esle hear anything?

thanks for the vids

oh crap, theres a video google :confused:

Damn, I typed in guilty gear and all I found was this CNN crap.


What is this google video? and how can i make use of it… i have hella footage.

nice, never knew about this ( google video )

The Google Video web site covers the basics of what this is. It’s interesting, but the front-end at least on my machine is seemingly pretty alpha.

Quite interesting matches, but yeah: the sound seems pretty fucked up on my machine too - just bleeps and blops. Is it somebody’s techno mix? :wink: Is it possible to download them, or are these just things to watch online? Because I’m afraid to press “STOP” (since that technically in most player terms is “cancel playback, time to zero”) in order to pause now that I’m ~30m into the match. And where’s the rewind once you see something that makes you go “Ooooooo!”?!? :smile:

Actually, now that I see the encoding parameters above, the errors makes sense - I’m assuming you’re using the old pirated version of the WMA2 encoder, which nobody is going to work well with. (I’m assuming 3ivX vid/WMA2 aud in the AVI file format?)

EDITx2: It’s just using VLC (VideoLanClient, IIRC), so the source audio problem should be indeed that the video was encoded with the crusty old pirated WMA2 encoder. It’ll work on some machines if you have a random WMA2 decoder installed, I’d think, but this should generally fail for most users… ?

EDITx3: I’ve figured out how to download these videos now… if it is encoding via 3ivx, it’s encoding to fourCC DIVX anyways, and it’s pulling in the FhG codec for the decode, so this may be DIVX/MP3, but there’s something wrong with the audio stream. My primary computer is down for the count (hardware problem) for tonight, but I’m still toying around with this to figure out what’s going on here.

EDITx4: Can’t find riffwalk.exe anywhere, so just pulled up the file in notepad.exe to hand walk the RIFF - it is indeed divx/mp3 (fourCC ‘divx’, formattag 85). In theory you’d get more mileage with fourCC ‘DIVX’ (note caps - VFW is case-sensitive) and I’m not sure what the hell is blowing up the FhG decoder here, but I’m pretty damned curious at this point to know what encoding tool made the video. Anybody? It looks FFmpeg0.4.9-pre1b4752 with LAME 3.96.1?? I’d lightly suggest a reencode - pretty much any of the 8 vids blow up the FhG decoder (in ACM apps - I haven’t gotten the content to work in DShow apps yet), suggesting that either LAME or FFmpeg is doing something unusual to the audio stream(?).

seems fine to me, dunno


i must of missed that episode :confused:

yeah can i not download these?

I’ll make a new post on this one aspect:
To download the vids:
right-click, view source, look for string switchvideo_ax in the file, walk forward to ‘http…’ and copy that big long string into your favorite text editor. Then do search and replace as follows:

%3a ==> :
%2f ==> /
%3f ==> ?
%3d ==> =
&26 ==> &

So http%3A%2F%2Fvp.video.google.com%2Fvideoplayback%3Fid%3Dd63fb2d6c9086971%26begin%3D0%26len%3D3618432%26itag%3Dw320%26docid%3D3674588566536033317%26urlcreated%3D1119940369%26sigh%3DqOGsPnarS06QpYESGNt37ukKBjM becomes http://vp.video.google.com/videoplayback?id=d63fb2d6c9086971&begin=0&len=3618432&itag=w320&docid=3674588566536033317&urlcreated=1119940369&sigh=qOGsPnarS06QpYESGNt37ukKBjM

I suspect they time-out these URLs or something else of that nature, because it’s pretty easy to do so on the server side, but whatever. Anyways, the droids you’re looking for are:
^-- I fully expect those links to stop working at any time. They work now, though.

Search for “Guilty Gear” in quotation marks and you’ll find something. I posted one of those vids just to test out Google Video.

thanks blue_J and zachd…sound is fucked up as hell for me too, though :confused:

Yeah this Google Video is new it says Beta version

i dunno whats wrong with the sound must be somethign with there re compretion it works on my main server but my laptop sounds like a cd on super fast foward…
btw i still have the original higher quality divx fiels arodun 3.2Gb which i will give to prepy so if he wants he can post on his site.

Gotta love the R2D2 remix.

that shit hurts my ears…

Lol…Google video beta launched Monday and zachdms (what happened to Preppy?) already hacked it. Good stuff.

im sending him the higher quality vids now… ;) google is heading ain a good direction ; )

Yeah - the higher qual vids use standard fourCC ‘DIVX’ (this is as opposed to ‘DivX Corporation’ - big big difference) video in conjunction with flat PCM audio, so there’s no crazy audio here. Seems to work great on my machine. :tup:

(re: userid- had a hardware failure, so I’m on a back-up system right now. sigh )