6 month old baby beats SFV story mode


I love the comments in the vid that question the competitiveness of SFV because a baby beat the STORY mode.

“Caters to the hardcore players” my ass.

future daigo

Street Fighter V: New Generation

It doesn’t surprise me that they had to make Story mode this easy considering how adult man babies try to play the game online, lose, cry, then quit.

Of course the same guys who say we need a bazillion casuals scoff and joke at a baby being able to play. That’s another casual we need to survive. Dont make fun of the casual, we need them to buy future products

This is just the last nail in the coffin to confirm how poor is their proposal of a single player mode… This is quite literaly a joke to anyone who could play this at single player.

Disgusting. Capcom, stop embarrassing yourself.

I want a FT2 with that baby.

No, you are all missing the point. This game is great on an instinctual level; even a baby can appreciate it.

Time to make this toddler take on Survival Hard Mode. Get me those Nash colors champ.

I think this kid is the next JWong. The footsies are already there :slight_smile:

Watch out Sabin, this kid is going to take that #1 spot…

He’s already got a talent for entertainment. He sand bagged against Karin to get viewers hype, and then won the game anyway.

damn that baby is so cute… Daigo has no chance of beating this baby.

Baby for DLC character.

SFV confirmed for dumbed down scrub game.

Bet he couldn’t beat Street Fighter IV, a real man’s fighter.

Need to see this baby play Lupe

That story mode^^
So hard :slight_smile:

…you had to be there.