6 months without a single post, lol this game is so dead




Say what you want, but Tatsunoko vs Capcom is a great fighting game.

Capcom made an enormous mistake limiting it to the Wii

I have an idea for all the people who posted “LOL:”

Instead of saying the game is dead, try playing it and/or bringing it back to next year’s EVO, so it won’t be dead.

I guess it’s easier to type LOL like an idiot than to actually do something about it…


This game ain’t dead as long as I’m uncovering tech for it. Hopefully I can make a video or something showing what I’ve found sometime soon.

Quick example: Air wavedash. Airdash and then upforward/upback + LMH. You’ll either switch dash directions quickly (if you input a direction opposite the original wavedash), or start a significantly faster dash (if you input the same direction both times). Yes, Chun can do this 3 times in the air.


Got to have the smarts and the wisdom to let go of the beloved that won’t come back.


Cool, Duck.


You guys should thank me.


Ill play the shit out of this game if it ever comes to psn


i wanna see some high level tekkaman blade


I wanna see high level Doronjo vids, since she’s not used very much. Her entire game is to trap opponents with her two minions Boyacki (green guy) and Tonzura (blue guy). I’m sure there are some evil combos that can be done via her.


I tried picking up the game again… then remembered that Morrigan doesn’t have fly mode and bullet hell in this game.


its also easy to forget how easily zero ran shit in this game


This was the only game Alex was high tier. It’s not fair this game had to die.


Wii only meant this game was doomed to die


isnt there a way to play this game via emulator?


i remember watching G-Force as a kid, thinking it was one of the most violent cartoons i had ever seen in my life (this would later be topped by Fist of the North Star x_x ). anyway, when fighting games and capcom marvel/vs games started to gain popularity in the early 90’s, i always thought it would be a cool idea to have a g-force fighting game. then tvc (close enough) gets announced, and i couldn’t believe it. i await a console release, then the game is exclusively released for the wii…the damn wii. i still have yet to play this game til this day.


If only this wasn’t on the Wii… I’d totally be rocking Casshern/Alex. But I guess it will never be, unless somehow a Wii magically appears on my lap or this miraculously gets released on Steam.


Over on Neogaf there have been several threads lately lamenting the loss of this game’s community and a lot of folks have been talking about its memories. I’d like to see its community revive if this is at all possible since it never really had a thread over there (just a friend code thread in community).

It’d be cool to setup a google doc for friend codes and to make an OT for its re-ignition. I know Royalflush recently did a 4hour stream and it was a hit on Neogaf. If there was a stream or something for it regularly and a thread it’d be something I could see coming back. Baroque was far superior to X-Factor anyways. Only bad thing was battery cast abusing megacrash (zero) for combos and pressure. Well that and giants but there were easy solutions to them.

Anyone know some folks who might be willing to add this to their stream lineup regularly? Is there a way to petition for something like Wednesday Night Fights to put it back in the mix for casuals after streaming? It was too good to stay so unknown and if we could get it some twitch publicity on a regular basis it’d go a long way.


Wii killed this game. It looked like a lot of fun.


the only way to build a community up is to get people playing. sitting and talking doesnt get anything done. get people coming out for side tournies.

looking at this forum it doesnt seem like people are willing to travel for this game


is there a facebook group for TvC? if not maybe you can start one and have a active place where they share info and friend codes.