6 new vids 1/19/04

Alright guys, here are some more classic obot vs cityhunter matches. Give your tips, point out weaknesses, and strats; and enjoy!

I see you are roll cancelling now, keep it up.

If both of you guys are going to play low jump grooves, you should be doing more low jumps. Only saw like 3 or so total in all the videos, should be doing it a lot more.

Couple of missed opportunties for big damage when blocking things, instead of comboing into super or whatever, just did combo into dp.

when your opponent is raged up, don’t attack so wrecklessly. You run into a lot of k supers.

Don’t pick sakura unless you can do her combo.

Go for crossups more with shotos. Also since you are playing n shotos, learn their running patterns - running low strong, running low jab, running low jab, etc.

Also, don’t make it so obvious that when you activate with N groove that you are trying to land level 3. You activated then did like 4 jumpins in a row and they were all punished. Just kick it for a second, play normal and look for openings. Also learn how to do activate into level 3 immediately.

You guys are getting better compared to the videos from a few months ago though.

Derek Daniels

Omni your advice is simple yet commonsensical, thx

whoa whoa whoa major improvements there buddy. i c you learned to combo off the light attacks. and i saw some nice rc’s in there too.

Ultimately I discovered that scrub plays fight with specials, and rolls. Slightly advance players fight with normals. And advance players fight with combos. So when I play now I try to fight with combos now.

Combos = running
Normals = walking
Specials = sex

Don’t run before you can walk without tripping up

That K groove player needs to learn how to punish you after blocking your rock’s rushing punch. He did either a throw or 1 hit. Seems like he plays mostly the same characters so he should atleast know their bnbs.

Wow, Obot, you really improved. I know this may sound silly but you are able to connect lvl 3 supers. It’s good that you got this handled because its REALLY crucial. You really need to get those B&B combos down though. Also you still seem to rush a little bit, kind of calm down and watch out for openings. Yeah, I’ll tell you something Valle told me, you need better foundation. Although, it’s cool watching you guys improve. Good luck you shuold be better in no time.

getting better, but need to work on your Rock and even your Ken. VDO is still one of your best.

nice stuff obot, keep up the good work bro;)



for rock:
break the shinku nage so you can do hard edge or super after it…

and imo, don’t use lvl1’s like that…if you are…use S groove…save the stock for lvl 3…

as someone mentioned before…work on comboing into supers when someone whiffs a move…instead of doing c.rh’s…

ok I watched them.

You have improved quite a bit! Good work.

Next thing to work on: making your opponent never jump.

Burghy ? How can this be done? The idea is interesting

Pick Chun Li and do cr RH alot.

dp them hard a couple of times and they will think twice about jumping in… means theyre actually thinking instead of reacting… means they lost their pace… means winning streak +1…

I told him the same thing a month ago. Don’t give your opponent momentum.

Hollow dont speak in riddles, and besides written words are more powerful than spoken ones. If I remembered all the things you said how good I would be… Write your shit down eh?

If every time they jump, you DP them or something

Then they won’t jump.

Since you won’t have to look out for their jumps, you restricted their options. Then, you win!