6 or 8 buttons


Ok I have a question, I am about to start drilling holes for the buttons for my custom stick for SF4 Should I go for 6 or 8 button layout.

If I do go with only the 6 are there any downfalls and how should the buttons be mapped out : Top row- lp, mp, then (lp mp hp) for the 3rd button. and the bottom row the same but with the Kick.

Will I be missing something by not having a regular HP and HK button.


Yes, you need HP and HK buttons


On a stick you don’t really need the macro buttons. Just do LP MP HP LK MK HK and hit all 3 when you need to.


you need the HP/HK buttons and not the PPP/KKK buttons to play SF IV. That’s what most people do with a six button stick. There are several moves that require you to simply press either the HP or HK during them (Akuma’s ultra and super for example). I also prefer the presence of the other two buttons in the eight button layout. Thye fuction as R1/R2 and are used in several menus. If you don’t want them mapped to PPP/KKK, you can do that in the options for button mapping in the game and then you effectively have a six button stick during gameplay and one that has all buttons during other times.



this is a serious dilema here man no one can answer you that…


You may as well get 8. what could the drawback be?


Accidentally hitting the other buttons, misplacing your fingers on the wrong side, messing up your execution.

But I would go for 8 too. It’s not that hard to keep your fingers on the right buttons. Don’t know how people can accidentally mash the start/select button either, which prompted the TE and SE to have those buttons in the back. I think that’s really stupid.


I think it’s nice to have those 2 extra buttons, you can map the triggers to them and actually be able to change that little emoticon in the multiplayer lobby :slight_smile:

Also, having a button bound to PPP or KKK can make linking to ultras/supers a teeny bit easier for the nubs.


Thanks everyone who took the time to reply . I will go with the eight button layout
Thanks again!


One suggestion is my layout for the 8 buttons. 2 smaller ones up top left so you don’t mistake rows but still have functionality. You should deciede if you like american (straight) or japanese (curved) layout.

My button assignment also makes sense if you lean your head a bit to the right and looks straight down. The button pointing at the camera is the 360 A (PS3 X) and you can guess the rest.



I’d stick with 6. No point in getting lazy by relying on the extra 2 for shortcut buttons during fights. Especially if you’re new at gaming, you might as well get it right the first time.


I hurt my neck… You’ll be getting a call from my lawyer.:mad:



6 buttons on the face. Any more than that is just confusing.


8 button give the option for proper snk layout, but it’s not like it can’t be accomplished with a blast city layout either.


For like 10m it’s confusing. If after a day of practice you’re still getting confused on where those buttons are, your typing skills must be absolute garbage on a keyboard.

With the 8 you’re getting all the buttons you need for your console. Heaven help you if you need them and you can’t use em (I love how six button sticks can’t even change their title/icon or scan leaderboards in SF4)

Seriously, the buttons being there are only confusing if someone handed you their 8 buttonlayout stick while you’re at a friends house and you’re like “Oh shit, I’m so confuzzled.” cuz you just got the thing and are not used to it.

A day with your own 8 button layout? You’re done. Seriously. This is like the people who thought the SNES controller was too complicated back when it came out cuz it had shoulder buttons. You’re a human being, you’re designed to adapt.


Yeah I am thinking I will just go with the 8 button Japanese curved on the face and for whatever reason if it bothers me I can just plug the last 2. I was also thinking about some of the navigation issues I might have going on in the lobby and such.
Thanks again for everyones time!!


lol, I didn’t even think of menu functionality. Definitely 8 is the way to go.


Im going with 6… but give place if I ever need to add 2


Just go with what you need.


Except that you navigate titles/icons/etc with LB/RB, which are the more common buttons to use in a six button stick. You can’t flip the little smiley face around without LT/RT I think, but I’ve never tried the bumpers to see if they work.

It really comes down to personal preference. I prefer 6 buttons, since I tend to rest my pinky in the empty space that would be taken up by two more, and since absolutely nothing I play can’t be done on a 6-button layout. You also won’t find PPP and KKK in the local arcade, so if you ever do play on a real cabinet, it can take some getting used to if you’re always using a shortcut key for your moves.