6 things science cant explain?


You know. Instead of just making a thread and posting a link, you can actually quote the text so I don’t have to click on the link and maybe give a summary or your opinion on the subject.

It’s like the guys who make a thread CHECK THIS OUT and just post some dumb video inside.

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…or 6 things science has yet to explain?

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Even Clarissa is stumped…

No. I clicked that link thinking that i might have a reason to believe in some supernatural shit.
But its nothing but undiscovered knowledge. That is sooo normal in science.

It’s not like I didnt put a question mark at the end -_-

This article appears to be really poorly written. I don’t know about the rest of them, but the Antikythera Mechanism is believed to be fairly well understood. The author tries to put that in doubt by arguing that gravity and laws of motion weren’t understood when the device was built. Although that’s true, the ancient Greeks did indeed understand the night sky well enough to be able to predict lunar and solar cycles, which is what said device does.

There are a number a pretty awesome documentaries out there about it if you’re interested.

As for the Stone Balls… what is there to explain? As far as ancient sculptures go, they aren’t even that remarkable.

The Antikythera Mechanism is already explained the same as the Bloop
Also, this article was copied from cracked

I wish science could explain the amount of retarded GD threads that have been popping up lately.

Someone change the thread to the Coast To Coast AM thread.

Most things can’t be* fully *explained except by a guiding intelligcence.

Is summer, so all the dumb kids are out of school and have time to post shit on the internet.

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bloop was explained?

Yeah…A Kaiju farted.


and how kleenex pop back after you take one? you can’t explain that :0