6 vs 8 buttons

Do any fighting games actually require more than 6?

The 3D DBZ fighting games do with their messy controls :lol:

The unspoken rule of Tech Talk:


5-buttons is ass
7-buttons is a TRAP[/details]

4-Button Neo-Geo FTW!! :sunglasses:

6 button rules!

i think if you have the 7th and 8th buttons on the stick somewhere you won’t lose any functionality.

The rumors are true. 8 buttons is dick

IN game, i don’t think there are any common fighters that need more than 6, however there are games that USE 7 & 8 (mvc3, character selection DLC colors & ‘custom teams’ … its been a while, don’t remember official names). I prefer my sticks to be 6button w/ 7&8 out of the way… still usable, just not cluttering the right hand.

8 buttons are the future. go with that

6 on top 2 on the side :wink:

Must. Resist. Infracting.


arcades always had 6 buttons or less
arcade style joysticks made to emulate the feel of arcades
therefore 6 button best

I do not see why 8-buttons on the face is needed.
Only six is need.

If you want the other two buttons for navigate or something, then have them somewhere else.

Because some people actually like dick, and we need to be respectful of their preferences.:nono:

I like having the 7th and 8th buttons on there, but if the game doesn’t need them, I turn them off. I like baiting people by pressing a worthless button. :wink:

I’d be very interested to see a chart of oldschool to newschool fighting game players in relation to 6button to 8button use.

I started originally playing Street Fighter (Fighting Street) at a local campus when i was young. Been playing 6button (arcade, DC… well, everything heh) since then. And really don’t like 7&8, and personally dislike the idea of 3xP 3xK set to those buttons. It feels like a cushion. Again, full-on opinion, and Capcom put it in the game, so they intended it. Please use it if you use it :slight_smile:

The first stick maker who makes a six button stick will get my money. I know Sega did it with the VSHG but I wasn’t playing fighting games at the time those were released. Plus I didn’t have a PS3.

8 Buttons seems nice for that insurance that you’ll have enough in the extremely unlikely chance you ever play a fighter that requires more than six, but its just not worth it.

When there are 8 it really screws up my sense of hand placement sometimes during intense matches, and i’ll actually have to look down at the buttons to be certain i’m on the right row.

Forget it. Six buttons all the way.

And at least one PS2 Mortal Kombat title requires more than six.

Ok so that’s a sneaky little trick and I like it. (We did something like this with the 6 button layout in the arcade, Hadoken motion with L.K as a faint) While I personally don’t like 8 button layouts for other reasons. Mostly because people like to map the 2 and 3 input button presses to them and it’s pretty much cheating in my book. I almost considered not making any cases with 8 button layouts but went with it in the end for people like my brother. He wanted to have a 6 straight layout and also the curved 6 to see if he liked it. I figured he’d cover or turn the other 2 off but he likes the curved layout for his SNK games and the 6 straight for SF2 etc so he actually uses all the buttons just for different games. So anyway in the end I decided to make 8 buttons even though I personally don’t like or use them. So I roll with 6 on top 2 on the side so I don’t lose any function in the game while keeping it old school :wink:

Mapping multiple button presses to those are the only reason i could think to justify 8 button use. Even though i’m a long time veteran at MVC2, i never quite got used to button dashing(unless its in the air oddly).

In the end though its still not worth it, would rather force myself to learn how to button dash properly.