6-year old, suspended on SEXUAL ASSUALT


SERIOUSLY??? A 6 year old can’t get a boner…

Lol. Just lol.

Kids grow up too fast.

Last time I checked, the game of tag involves a lot of running around and physical contact. And even if the kid did touch the other one somewhere inappropriate, I highly doubt he was doing it to get his jollies.

I hope they didn’t just take the principal’s word for it

What they’re not telling you is it was the principal’s penis, the principal asked him to, and just cried foul so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

anybody that’s spent 5 mins around 6 year old boys knows this is fucking retarded.

This is America, land of the great

lolwut? Seriously?

Yeah, 6 year old boys grab my groin all the time. They love it! Especially when you offer them candy.

i’m gonna wait until there’s a video to pass judgment

anyone with access to the internet could potentially be Million

Says who?

I was unfortunate enough to have access to modded cable box with Spice/Playboy at that age.

I bet a lot of GI Joe limbs got lost in your butt.


Thinking I would be playing catcher if that was the case.

How, oh HOW did I already know that the “perp” was a male child?

Stay free Amurika.

Oh, wait…

Well this kid gets my vote for Sexual Deviant for 2012 Award…I wouldn’t be surprise if this wasn’t Millions kid…

if you were pitcher… those are some tiny pieces you’re fitting into…

Really. Really. Really.

There’s a little Million in us all.


What about kancho?

Babies masturbate in the womb. That is not a joke.

Mind is blown.