60 gig ps3 ... ps2 bc lag?

does the 60 gig ps3 have that 3ms lag for bs games ? i heard it has some better chip for bc. thanks for the info.

Yeah. All PS3s have this issue.

I thought it was 3 frames. Or is it 3ms?

Three milliseconds would be less than a fifth of a frame, if you can notice that you must be superhuman. There is definitely not a general three frame delay either as that would be noticeable in nearly anything that isn’t turn-based, at least I managed to play through both God Of War titles without feeling anything different from playing on a regular PS2.

isnt it only over hdmi ?

3 frames from PS3 and 3 frames from HDTV = Forget about red parries on 3rd strike.

I haven’t been able to do one red parry on a 60gb PS3 + HDTV setup. And you have to do regular parry really early or it won’t parry at all.

Go test it out yourself!

but wasn’t that only if you enable the software emulation of the ps2 titles? if he sticks with smoothing and screen size options off then it should stay with the hardware emulation.

poonage found the lag with a 60GB PS3, so yeah, it does affect hardware BC models, too.

That’s not a real explanation/test neither, I want real proof of this lag, all I know is everyone is assuming tripple buffered video frames automatically translates into 3 frames input lag without even considering how long it takes for the GPU to internally render those buffered frames.

For TV:


For PS3:

You can feel it… lol

I know about the TV lag, but I’m more concerned about the hardware BC of the 20/60GB models, I can certainly feel the lag in 3s doing parries, I just don’t think a single game(or small group of games for that matter) is enough reason to say the system itself is the problem, so I would like to see a real test with factual results.

There Lag playing SFAC on the PS3…

tried it out and it does lag. regardless of the connection used and the resolution that its displaying (480i to 1080p) it seems to consistently lag. this is with PS1/PS2 upscaling off, and smoothing off. whether it was outputting in s-video or hdmi.

I guess what I’m saying is that it will lag no matter what setting you have it on. how much lag though? I don’t believe its 3 frames, its less than that however since GH2 doesn’t seem to be recognized by the ps3 I can’t really say for sure. definitely a frame, maybe 2. but definitely not 3.

GH2 tests
over s-video
ranged from 20 (low) to 80 (high) but typcially averaged 30-40

over hdmi
ranged from 0 (low) to 20 (high) but typically averaged 6-12

smoothing and upscaling didn’t seem to affect it much, if at all.

I want Sony to fix this. Is it possible for them to? If so, could we make it a case? This is my biggest problem with the PS3.

this issue really pisses me off, i want sony to fix it, i just sold my ps2 and i can only play ps2 bc on my ps3, but with this problem, i cant play 3rd strike, and i think the lags depend on the different types of controllers u use, i can clearly feel that the VSHG has much heavier lags than normal ps3 sixaxis pad, can anyone explain why?

the vshg is known to have a quirky pcb

cvs2 lags too

I find it hard to believe that you’re getting those numbers on HDMI without tricking yourself. Did you do the test with your speakers muted? That’s a pretty important part of the test since you’ll tune yourself to the sound (which isn’t lagged) if you leave it on.

I’ve trained myself to strum the moment that the circle gets to a certain part of the screen, where I have gotten 0ms results on an old tv. I look for that and hit it, in the same spot both video modes.