60+ hours in SSF4, no improvement in sight


Hello everyone. Like many others I quickly grabbed AE yesterday morning with thoughts filling my head as to how much my main(Gouken) had seemingly been buffed and that I finally stood a chance against my friends online. Several hours laters, a bruised and flesh torn hand, a monster headache, bloodshot eyes, and almost throwing out my vocal chords, I was about ready to snap the game disc in half.

Why? Why have I made so little improvement after playing that game over the course of the last year! Someone keeps telling to switch characters, but to me that sounds like throwing away all that work and starting over. What can I possibly do right now?


Take a break…learn from your losses…go back to the lab.


As someone who has clocked a lot of time online (and also salty quite often) - take the above advice to heart. In addition, you will level up your game online despite what others may tell you. But it is going to be -very- slow, no matter who you use. And some characters will make leveling up your abilities take even longer because of the online environment (lag, wake up shoryus all day erry day, os tech spammers, os tech lag blow ups, bad habits forming because of said wake up shoryu, online people generally just not respecting moves, etc.)


Yep…I think you can level up more playing against other people offline and/or with friends who play SSF4.


One of my friends has been playing Gouken since vanilla came out. He started getting frustrated always losing at tournaments. We suggested he switch characters. He picked up Ryu a few weeks ago. He’s already doing better.


I try to make Gouken work as well but success seems hard to come by. I remember some nights getting super frustrated with him. Then I’d switch to Chun-li and be amazed at how much easier it was to get wins. I didn’t even know what I was going and I was beating people I couldn’t touch with Gouken.

It makes me sad.

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You’re suffering from burn out.
Take a break. Come back when you’re refreshed. Having blood-shot eyes and playing video games is not healthy.

Realtalk - 60hrs isn’t that much tbh, and your friends will also level up too. You’re probably a lot better than yourself on day 1 but it doesn’t feel like it because you still lose to your friends who started out better than you. More time needed in training mode for those setups and max damage punishes; what Gouken is known for. Since you referenced AE - i’m assuming you just jumped online with little training mode to explore the new stuff so hence you’re still playing like O. Gouken and your old self.

And he was buffed… are you applying these buffs? Or are you just thinking that buffs = easy wins? Because you shouldn’t expect them to.
You can’t press buttons and expect to win.


Well for starters he isnt the only character that has been buffed…
Im not sure about what kind of level of improvement you are looking for but sometimes I could go a LONGGG time before I even figured out little things, or a handfull of character specific stuff.
Also have you tried most of the other characters because it took me a Longg time again to find who suited me best (Alot of main switching even after thinking I had found the right one :P)
I wasnt too concerned with dropping my “progress” because in the long run you should be better if you like another character better (And your current progress isnt working out anyway??). If goukens playstyle isnt your thing maybe you should switch it up :slight_smile: - I know he isnt for me/ I cant do junk with him.
On another note maybe you do need to spend alot more time with him- 60 hours for some isnt anything, Hope I gave some helpful thoughts :L


Anything specific? In particular Gouken doesn’t have any desperation high priority moves such as mashing out an uppercut and using focus cancel out of it. Priority is kinda a big thing, either having the priority in the end of a poke or at any part of any uppercut.

Typically takes practice, but if you played as much as I have, over 5000 in SF4 enough to get to top 2 at one point with most wins then you eventually will be able to develop a tactic to beat turtles, to beat anyone.


Have you evaluated your play? Do you know what get’s you hit the most? Unsafe moves, bad blocking, over/under aggressive, etc.?


put it on the backburner. Have you watched your replays? Analyze you matches. See what you did wrong & how you should’ve countered/punished. Collect your thoughts & get back in the saddle.


Watch some of Osiris’s vids from the NYC scene. OMG his Gouken is boss. Racks up the win streaks at the “arcade”.

And try some other games too like… MK. :slight_smile:


Add me on xbl if you want to get some games and help. GT is Pong Boom


A lot of these characters play differently. It could be the way you’re approaching the character.

Watch how some of the other high level Goukens and take some notes. Observe what hey hit and beat and also what they get beat by. Categorize them, is it something they’re being punished with? Did they throw out a random move and it worked? What options would X and Y character have against Gouken and what not. What could I do to force so and so situations in my favor? Wake up?

I believe Gouken had some normals improved which made for better frame traps. He could be played quite offensively against a lot of *players *who don’t risk a lot of invincible reversals often.


ok lets break this down.
1 is this execution issues like landing combos ultra setups and the like?
2 is this a mind games issue?
3 you just cant touch your opponents?
4 out of curiosity do you have trouble in corners?

if your on XBL lets do some rounds tag is the same as my name
i know some stuff with gouken not much but i can hopefully help you find that and get the ball rolling.


Things you need to do when it becomes apparent your versus play isn’t improving.

Read up on your character(s). Watch high end play of said characters. Go to training mode and memorize the high level plays. Then go back into the fight.

Gouken is not an easy character. I tend to believe his strength is in his counter hit super, but this has a large drawback. If you play a smart opponent, you are not familiar playing against their attack pattern will not be readable and makes his strength less so.

When I earned C to Shining C, I found you can use many fighting methods across all characters. For example, jumping to the other side of a fallen charge character when you knocked them on the ground to reset their charge state. If the lab does not improve your situation then it is not in the execution of combos or moves, but at the very heart of how you fight. If this is the case I highly recommend you play with characters you are terrible with. This forces you to learn basic fighting traps. The frustration of the fight should provoke you into changing game plans so you can crush shoto # 3957697596363775947694537 with characters that you really have no business playing in the first place.


60 hours is nothing, unfortunately. Just keep playing, and don’t worry about how “good” you are, concern yourself with figuring out what you did wrong and experiment in casual matches (which is pretty much every match besides tournaments and money matches)


Real talk - Burning out…
I took a 4-month break from Marvel in 2k7… Came back to it about 3 months before Evolution… I played better than I ever played before (though, I didn’t enter - just casuals).

Don’t take a TOO long break though… After NEC2k7, I stopped playing fighters mostly for a while… played for a few sessions in 2k9… Got a PS3 in December, and I suck balls now… 3 years = your skill gets smacked… but yeah, anyway…

The point of my post…
take a week or two off.

and the post above me - YES… 60 hours is nothing at all… I estimate 1k+ for me in MvC2… considering I would get bored and reset the timer (aka, lose all my hidden characters) - and I did that at least 10 times… timer went up to 99hrs each time.
I have 80+ in SSF4 right now (Since Dec.) and I still see very little improvement. Mostly because I don’t have GOOD players to interact with in real life that we can learn from each other.




I agree with the above when they say that 60 hours is nothing. Especially since you said you have been playing since last year? I guess you play alot of other games? Im over 120 hours and Ive only had super since april. When it comes to “time in” on the game, I look at how many matches Ive played online (1100) and I suck, so I check the total games of the guys I look up to on the replay channel (v-Ryu) - over 12000 games! We all have to put more time in.