60 specials?! F that, I'll stick two these three!

Hey guys,

I was wondering what Dante’s best/most used specials are?

Come on bro at least get serious with the troll bait threads.

Lol, my bad if it comes off as trolling but my question is serious.

Hammer, Bold Cancel, and Stinger are three moves that every Dante should be using.

I use stinger mostly in block strings to keep people locked down if they try to advance guard my s.M or s.H. I probably should be using it sometimes outside of strings since I hear it has projectile cancelling frames.

The 3 that I use most often are hammer (long start up but once active basically acts as a safe double sided DP), air play (level 2 charge beats disruptah and causes stagger on ground hit and unrecoverable juggle state in air) and air trick/teleport. Bold cancel is kind of implied because it’s an absolute requirement to even mount an offense with him and keep some of his normals safe on block or whiff. Also saves him from XF guard cancel blow ups.

Drive never gets the love it deserves.

Drive is definitely underrated. The guide says it’s crap but it has the unique ability to be cancelled into during the active frames. Which means you can repeatedly cancel a drive that’s on screen into another drive to continuously pressure with projectiles.

What’s drive? Are you guys talking about Blazblue?

Drive = QCF + S. It’s Dante’s Sword projectile.

Actually we were talking about Blazblue.

If I had to put a 4th move in outside of the 3 to stick to it would definitely be reverb shock. Fastest starting special move he has since it activates at the same speed as his s. or c. L (8 frames). Does multiple hits so it can blow through hulk super armor or possibly even Sent’s (have to test against Sent since his lasts more than one hit). Gives you full screen fireworks extension and keeps you safe on block or allows you to combo into super on hit.

I would say overall the moves you shouldn’t go into a match without for Dante are…

**Stinger (f+H): **This move is too good. Still hits the opponent if you cancel into it after they advance guard a normal because of its ridiculous range, goes through seemingly all non super projectiles, can bold cancel teleport afterwards, heavy block stun which can be further lengthened with an assist…it’s one of those moves where you wonder what it can’t do.

**Bold Move (atk+S): **This is pretty obvious, the only way to cover Dante’s laggy sword whiff recovery. Can be used to bold cancel into his stinger or other command normals to lengthen combos or block strings. A bit tricky to use because he can be hit in the middle of it but definitely makes things easier to manage when attacking with Dante.

**Air Trick/Teleport (d,d+atk+S): **Pretty self explanatory. Super fast teleport that instantly makes you appear above and behind your opponent no matter where they are to start an offense. Work great with a projectile assist to create left right mix ups and set up combos. Abuse of it can definitely be air thrown but it’s ability to allow you to close the gap instantly is too good.

**Hammer (qcf+L then qcf+L again quickly before killer bee activates): **The infamous hammer. Everybody’s gotta stop what they’re doing when this is out cuz it’s hammer time. Probably the cheapest move in the game along with Wolvie’s berserker slash. Long start up but once active basically acts as a double sided DP with 15 frames of invincibility, plus 20 on block, hits overhead, not throwable once active, if done low to the ground is safe to XF guard cancel unless the character has a ranged fast command grab and causes ground bounce on hit. All you need is a bit of execution and you can throw around a special move that’s better than the entire special move list of other characters. This move alone helps Dante fight characters like Wolverine better than most of the other cast.

Air play (air qcf+M, can charge up to 3 levels): Air play is definitely another one of Dante’s go to moves. The level 2 charge already can stuff out a lot of other annoying projectiles and causes heavy stun on air or ground hit at level 2 to land combos. Level 3 charge just makes the projectile even bigger and do more damage. Magneto has to use H disruptor to go through a level 2 charge and level 3 charge still beats that. Using this with another strong projectile assist will have you winning fire wars rather consistently.

Reverb Shock (qcb+L, can follow up with mashing H for fireworks or just frame S for crazy dance): The safest special move that Dante can just throw out there. Activates in 8 frames and does multiple hits so good for going through armor based moves (except for Sent’s S). This is the only real fast multi hitting safe move Dante has so it’s nice to have especially if your assist isn’t able to be called to maintain an offense until your assist is ok again.

At first glance reverb shock seems safe to throw out. But that shit gets you killed real easy bc you cant bold cancel it .If they jump before you throw it out you are in danger even if you cancel to fireworks. Thats why Jago only does it from a BCed stinger. Jam session and Crystal imo are better than Reverb Shock. Spam crystal at the right range at the slower half of the cast… its amazing. Its multi hitting and tons of projectile durabilty. If they block you have too much frame advantage afterwards and you can either crystal again enough or reverb shock to catch them off guard with something faster. Jam Session is key in matchups with characters like Zero, who you don’t really wanna be near but cant keep out of the air. Inferno seems a bit too situational to me at the moment.

Well Reverb Shock is not something I would throw out there outside of a block string unless you cancel into Devil Trigger. Unless you know the opponent is at a very far distance where you can control the gap and the fireworks will keep them at bay. A bad naked reverb shock to fireworks could get you killed against Wolvie or Zero but I like the chip it gives and the fact that it starts up the same speed as your L’s while giving you some space if the opponent is to close to you. I feel like it’s a really good move to set up devil trigger to improve your zoning and offense since it just puts a bunch of shit on the screen with a move that starts up in 8 frames and then a follow up move that chips and zones people out. Plus against characters with armor it’s pretty much imperative because Dante has no quick multi hitting move to run through armor except for reverb shock. The only thing that comes close is his gun command normals which force you to throw a normal first any way.

I’ll have to mess around with Jam Session to see what I like. I like the assist with X23 but on point I haven’t really messed with it. I guess the fact that once it’s active people just have to deal with it unless they mash on a quick invincible super that makes it strong. Crystal is definitely something I figured is good in the right places for zoning. The start up is kinda slow but like you said it can be covered with a lot of things any way.

For now I’ve just been throwing hammer out there to keep the Wolverines and Zeros at bay. Zero’s slower air/ground movement probably could warrant a jam session once in a while but I would be dead scared to try to jam session a wolvie with a solid assist. I guess it’s worth a shot but I prefer just staying outside of berserker slash cross up range and sitting on hammer.

Really, no volcano and beehive? You guys make me a sad panda.

Actually the majority of Dante’s specials have a place. You could probably live without like… jet stream, revolver, lock on and the crystal series, and twister, but the others almost always have a use in every match.

All of Dante’s specials are useful. Just some less and some more than the rest.

I dunno, I never see anyone use multi lock or lock on or whatever it’s called unless by accident. They kinda are shown up entirely by 236H.

I’ve actually been finding some small uses with Multi Lock simply because a 3 or 4 charge can do like 200 k on hit and has strong projectile durability which is nice considering it tracks. With doom beam assist backing me up I can get enough spacing to charge to at least level 3 and then let it rip usually. It’s guaranteed chip damage unless the character is like super fast and somehow avoids the tracking.

Sometimes I use multilock as a welcome instead of acid rain. Better scaling better damage and it sets up double cross ups if they block it on the ground.

The ones I barely use are twister and its follow up.

Yeah twister seems pretty much strictly for combos. The strat guide says you can use it for anti air but the hit box for it is trash. It’s easy to pass through and not actually get hit when someone jumps in.

Another good thing about it is it’s a good pre emptive AA. For chars that like to come at you in the air having it out there stops them like wolverine dive kicks, tron j.H etc. If you got time to put it out there it’s good.

I’ve been trying to focus on working multi-lock into my mix-up/back the fuck off me game. It seems good because for the most part people aren’t scared of it, and will come in like im not doing anything, till they get hit with a 3 or 4 charge, then they start being wary of it. The fact that you are still mobile while charging, and can cancel it at any time is a huge bonus that makes multi-lock a sleeper IMO.

And I haven’t found much use for twister at all, I’ve recently gotten twister->tempest accidentally a couple times when going for acid rain loops, and the guide says it can lead to follow up air combos, but I haven’t tried it at all. I’m sure in 6 months twister/tempest will somehow become an amazing combo extender or something, since that’s how these things tend to work :stuck_out_tongue: