60 specials?! F that, I'll stick two these three!



I’ve started to use it a lot when someone survives with a magic pixel, or close to it. I like saving my meter, and against most of the cast, you’re okay doing assist -> twister -> tempest to chip them out after a fireworks.

I also, in silly practice training, found it the best way to combo into Shocking Pink assist in the corner (j.s + call joe, land, Twister amusingly picks up them and the bomb, bomb hits them in the air, revolver -> grapple, or whatever).


Actually one thing that we haven’t really brought up is the fact that the absolute 2 best special moves (or 3 if you count his flight mode) are only available in Devil Trigger. I’ve kinda been sleeping on the power of DT because Dante is alredy very solid without it but it’s hard to win firefights all the time with Dante unless you have an easy mode assist for fighting firefights like Doom’s Plasma Beam (which I happen to use). In Devil Trigger you can’t build any meter until it ends but the health regeneration and slight damage boost (15 percent) can add up.

Once you turn on that Devil Trigger you get access to the best beam special in the game with his Thunderbolt. Have to be in the air to use it but that’s fine because the 45 degree angle it shoots at is perfect for controlling Magneto + assists. 3 beams landing on an assist can take away half an assist’s life easily making it rather useful for calming down abuse of Haggar/Tron assists or Sent Drones. Thunderbolt also does massive chip and can be done up to 3 times consecutively (without flight) and will take off more than 200k damage if all 3 beams hit. Which the fact that the beams combo into themselves is hilarious. Thunderbolt is also the only non super move projectile in the game that I know of that can’t be pushed back by advance guard. Which means you can freely chip with this for however long you want without worrying about getting pushed out. In XF I can imagine this being pretty dangerous.

His Vortex special move basically acts as a mini hard drive that gets 22 frames of invincibility after 10 frames of start up. He can repeat this up to 3 times in the air (without flight). Does pretty solid damage if you land all 3 and you can follow up even one vortex with a bunch of other stuff because it leaves the opponent in an unrecoverable juggle state after it hits.

His flight is also another strong special move because well…it gives Dante the ability to fucking fly. Mainly because Dante really needs to be able to fly also. On a serious note unlike Magneto or Doom you can’t air dash in 8 different directions while flying (only forward or backward) but Dante’s air dash is pretty quick so it’s not like you’re a sitting duck for movement. You can still of course do basic flight movement around the stage to angle your thunderbolts the way you want. Which using flight mode + thunderbolt allows you to shoot more than 3 thunderbolts before landing. You can shoot 2 thunderbolts, turn on fly mode and then shoot what I remember is like 4 more thunderbolts before landing allowing you access to 6 consecutive thunderbolts before you land. I would imagine you can do something similar with his vortex speical also.

**Once you turn on that Devil Trigger those are truly his best special moves IMO. **Hammer and air trick are still ridiculous no matter what of course. The power of his specials in DT has me thinking about using it more often in matches just for all the benefits and access to basically the best special moves not just for Dante…but arguably the best special moves in the game. People who say Dante’s special moves allow him to be a jack of all trades but master of none are definitely not talking about Thunderbolt and Vortex. Getting a flight mode with a 2 way air dash doesn’t hurt either along with the damage and health regen benefits all at the cost of one meter and not being able to build meter for a short time period.


Vortex can’t be done more than three times, IIRC, even if you use Fly, as it takes you out of fly mode when you do it.


Devil Trigger is definitely underrated. Against some characters, I turn it on to abuse Vortex. Vortex is a godlike starter. Vortex>J.S is almost like landing a raw J.S scaling wise. But yeah Vortex is way slept on. It blows through so much shit and bodies Trish for freee. I’m not sure whether it can be airthrown though…

Against DPX XF3, Dante is the only one who can run away from her for the meager cost of 2 meter.


Vortex is amazing. It’s like a free hard drive. I use it to counter runaway aerial characters like trish / sent / storm etc etc

Thunderbolt + x factor level 3 + flight mode = kill the opponent in chip before they can even move again. It’s seriously ridiculous. One series of thunderbolts on an 800k health character kills them regardless of if they block or not. Dante is the best anchor in the game IMO.


For 2 DTs?