604 BC WTF happened to our old one thread!

came back to say what’s up, but couldn’t locate. where’d our old one go?

to the new Canada forum.


so do we start posting here instead?

stop posting in here you guys are making us look retarded…woops

woop woop!

In BC we’re not stupid… we’re just a little slow…

GGs Keni. I was unsure if I played you at espot yesterday but its nice being able to play again heh.

As for SF4, I’m not impressed at all by this game. Seems like it lacks any real direction of its own and its just another average fighting game that people can “port” some of their old skills over to. The jump animation is choppy at best, which makes crossups fairly ambiguous actually and the physics seem a little off normal as well.

As for input, I thought they really loosened up on the timing. Instead, you end up with everyone being able to do reversals by mashing and execution isn’t very important anymore.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

How is everyone?

heromyst, our thread is in Canada section…right here…LOL