60gb Xbox 360, SF4 TE, MVC2 TE

Hey guys

I’m moving next week and looking to get rid of some stuff. I figure I would have better luck with you guys trying to buy it than someone on craigslist.

I live in chicago in the bridgeport neighborhood. I would prefer selling to someone in the area so I don’t have to ship it.

For Sale:

SF4 TE for xbox. the buttons work fine. the stick needs to be replaced. i have the original box for it. i’m setting the price at $60.

MVC2 TE for xbox. the stick is in great condition. i have the original box. i’m setting the price at $100.

Xbox 360 with 60gb harddrive. its in great condtion. its one of the newer models just before the xbox slim came out. comes with all the wires and one white controller. i’m setting the price at $130.

Everything is negotiable. Send me a message if your seriously interested.


Can you post some pics of the SF4 TE? What’s exactly wrong with the stick?

I’m also curious about the SF4 TE also would you sell the 360 hard drive separately ?

Just posted the pics. The quality is bad because I took them with my itouch.

The stick just stopped working. I can select things with the buttons but when I move the stick around the cursor doesn’t move. A simple replace would fix it the problem. Once it stopped working I used the MVC2 TE, which is pretty much the same thing as the SF4 TE.

Hmm… doesn’t seem like normal wear and tear. Might be a PCB or wiring problem… Could even be the microswitches…

I don’t really want to take a gamble… but is the $60 the price if you shipped it to me? If so, then I think it shouldn’t cost too much to get 'er fixed and running.

I’m not going to sell the hard drive separately.

Your right its not normal wear and tear. Its because my brother tried to adjust the spring and couldn’t put the stick back together correctly. So a joystick replacement would fix it. Sorry this is new information to me.

PM sent-- just to be clear, the MvC stick has never had any issues with the buttons or stick, right?