626 SGV Tournament, SoCAL 4/4/09

I’m looking to host a real SF4 and hopefully also a MVC2 Monthly Tourney’s here in friendly 626 San Gabriel Valley. No chump change $1 or $5 tourneys…they don’t even cover the gas it takes to get there…:confused:

Entry $20,
Participants needed 16

1st takes : $150
2nd takes: $50

if 32 sign up then i double the pot

Location: 626
When? 4/4/09 would be a good start, then monthly if it gets great feedback :lol:

text me with your info to sign up 626-217-7836, Larry

ohh yea, let me know which tourney you want to join, SF4 or MVC2 or both in your text.

FYI: Tourney will be in SF4 PS3, and MVC2 PS2, Format, OEM controllers will be supplied.

ps2 mvc2? you crazy

and what part of 626

friendly el monte

yeah theres issues with ps3 ver of mvc2,
mostly you can get killed tagging out

it was just an idea, im ok with only ps3 SF4

EL monte huh, party at King Taco afterwords!!

just curious, 20 dollar entry and 16 minimum, where does the extra $120 go to?