"66% of Capcom doesn't think continuing SF is a good idea" - Ono interview

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From Capcom-Unity (and Udon)
It’s Ono at Toronto Fan Expo:


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Ono: "What SF3 characters would you like to have seen in SF4?"
Audience member: "Sean!"
Ono: “LOL

Poor Sean can’t catch a break.

What is the reason behind the majority of Capcom still being against SF continuing? Did SF4 not do well enough?

Ono or Shiowaza. One them is lying.


Sold more than 2.5 million (not even including PC version) in a crappy economy without a holiday season to bolster sales…I’d say that’s about as good as a fighting game is gonna get these days.

As usual, Ono’s primary message is “if the fans want it”…gotta make our voices heard, I guess.

Quite pleased with the amount of interest he seems to have in SF3 characters, though. I guess all the “useless whining” finally paid off.

Well you have to remember that nearly 100 percent of Capcom was against the idea of SFIV and it took tons of convincing from Ono for anyone who makes decisions at Capcom to give him a chance. You can’t expect 100 percent of Capcom to be ok with SFIV when nearly 100 percent of Capcom hasn’t even been working on or thinking about a SF related game for at least 5 to 10 years. Resident Evil and DMC have been their solid cash cows ever since the lull of 2d fighters after CVS2.

I think Capcom just sees that although SFIV was a success that the success may not last long due to the nature of fighting games. Not to mention the fact that a lot of Capcom’s development team as of today has nothing or little to do with most of the SF related happenings of Capcom. A lot of Capcom’s team doesn’t even work on fighting games so for them it’s hard to even relate. I think a lot of them just can’t see the light in fighting games and believe other styles of games are better suited for consoles. They’re probably just afraid SF will show its age too soon and casuals will see the game based on a 20 year old past and stop buying the game.

What I think Capcom needs to realize is that SF is just something that can’t be recreated to be better. No fighting game plays exactly like SF and it has a formula for competitive play that is very unique and you can’t get even out of other fighting games. I think this is what keeps drawing people to SF years later as if they’ve never seen it in their lives. It’s like trying to reinvent Golf or Swimming to make it appeal to a new audience. You don’t have to totally reinvent it…you just have to market it right and have the right people playing it. I think a lot of people at Capcom just don’t understand that something 20 years old can still be completely unique and interesting. They just see Ono trying to dig an old movie star out of the grave and are scared of the implications.

Ono wants 3S characters in SF4? :woot:

A Japanese gaming company making bad decisions? Well, that would certainly be a first…

…Oh, wait…

Yeah apparently he already said that a while back. Ibuki is pretty much a shoe in now.

Exactly, I knew about this, as whenever i see a thread saying sf 4 dash updates, im always thinking, “didnt capcom say there not makin another?”

66% of capcom wants another megaman game thats why

Another MegaMan would be cool actually. I want MegaManX4 HD Remix.

I wonder how MvC2 is doing on PSN and Xbox Live. It’s been in the top 10 downloaded games for Xbox during the past 5 weeks: http://majornelson.com/

Maybe success there will help…

oh god yes, with online coop support >_>

but they’re prob just gonna continue with the ZX serie

That other new Megaman game, Megaman 9, is so butt clenchingly hard I can’t imagine most downloaders ever got past the first 4-5 screens…and THEN the bossfights come, you lose, and go back to the beginning again. Each time. cries

Capcom doesn’t even know what it wants

66% of Capcom doesn’t think continuing SF is a good idea, if you’re part of the 34% that does, copy and paste this in your signature.


I think DevilJin 01 has the right idea, I think Capcom knows where gaming is heading, and they don’t want to get left behind. Let’s face it, 2D fighters are a niche genre, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon, especially in this “regenerating health” era of gaming. I think a lot of people are interested in getting into SF, or fighting games in general, but they just lose desire after getting creamed online two or three times. Most people just don’t put in the time to get good, instead going to games like Halo or Gears of War so they can get some quick sense of gratification being able to at least score kills on another player.

I hope though, that this is just a marketing ploy by Capcom to try and ensure as many people buy SF IV Dash a possible, you know, guilt them into buying it: “Sure, you could always NOT buy Dash, and not support Street Fighter, but then we just may not go ahead and make SFIII 4th Assault, or SF IV Double Dash, it’s really up to you.”

Who gives shit what the majority of Capcom thinks, making new SF games would be better (and albeit easier) than churning out Resident Evil 4 reloaded or Megaman EXE “why are we still putting this on DS!?” edition, c’mon Capcom most of your heavy hitters already up and left you don’t shoot yourself in the foot yet again :rolleyes:

Hmmmm u guys smell that? Smells like A bull’s poop.

Was at this panel last week, and to hear that quote was pretty surprising.

Ono does seem like he wants to make more games, it’s just a matter of convincing Capcom JP, which doesn’t seem to be easy. Hopefully he can make further headway in the near future since he’s gone from 100% to 66% against :smile:

I kinda regret not talking to him on the show floor when I saw him, but my friend wanted to leave -.-

LOL that was me that shouted SEAN

Yeah that got a laugh outta the Udon guy and Ono, along with the guy making bird sounds.

I still can’t believe someone cosplayed as Mech-Akuma -.-