67 year old guy beats a young black man in self defense



Looks like the black guy makes a joke about shining shoes. Then the old guy plays along with the joke. The black guy gets mad, and some shit talking goes on. Old man moves to the front of the bus, but more shit talking occurs. Recorder insinuates the fight a bit. Black guy goes up and hits the old man, but he proceeds to get beat down instead. Recorder steals the old mans bag when he’s off the bus.



Hopefully this hasn’t been posted yet.


Old people are supposed to be frail. POS Jack Lalanne wannabes make us youthful men look weak. T_T


that old man is gdlk.


I’ve seen tough guys like you and I slap there ass!


Bring da ambalamps…


That’s what that guy gets. Don’t fuck with old men. You don’t know what they’ve been through.


love to see some young thundercat get chin checked. I wonder how long it’s gonna take Al Sharpton to swoop in and twist this whole situation and exploit it.


I lol.

But the “young” dude was 50.

But he got his ass BEAT. Then still have the nerve to talk shit.


It’s a shame the bitch recording it didn’t get the same treatment :coffee:


hahaha, i lol’d when he said that.


That’s what happens when people fight back. You don’t go confronting someone like that and leave yourself so open.

I clicked the video wanting to feel sorry for the youth but he deserved to get ruffled.


Nigga wanted to start some shit, he hit the guy, and he got his ass fucked up for it. Goddamn that was a lot of blood. Busted that nigga shit real good and it was all self defense. That dumb bitch recording this event needs the shit smacked outta her too.

Funny ass video all and all. Ambalamps hahahaha retarded.


All about the bench at the end lol.


Got what he deserved.
Totally glad that dude just railed him.

So much blood made him look like such a fool for picking a fight.



TOD combos were killer back then.


XD Old Gief


THAT is a gif.


anyone else thought of white kimbo slice?


I should know better.


So should I.