(7/06/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #64


Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: Ryder (Abel, Ken, Akuma)
1: KDZ (Ryu, Rufus Abel)
1: MarlinPie (C. Viper)
4: Kazi
5: Dave Destruction
5: Liston
7: Zart
7: Sai
9: Josh Wigfall
9: Dizzy
9: SKM
9: Dycknasty
13: Mike Infinite
13: JD
13: Bibulus
13: DRChopper
17: Kyugene
17: WetBucket
17: Vertox
17: Shiro X Tenshi
17: Puccabuki
17: Ryan G
17: Jojo
17: RZO
25: Jaxel
25: RDM
25: DemonEyes
25: Siiig
25: Crono
25: Joe M
25: pak
33: Dan G
33: Quotes
33: Orso
33: Kich


Ryder used Ken and Akuma and KDZ with Ryu, good stuff right there. I missed the end of the stream.


they didnt really play it out, they split the pot lol


the grand finals were just us fucking with the cameras and shit, and we switched the feed to random casual matches.


I never seen Ryder play anyone cept for Abel. That was a really good stream last night. Hopefully you didn’t get trolled by that guy from last week on the stream.


im pretty popular these days.

now i get personal attacks, wishes of ill will, and irl threats :smiley:


Internet tough guys are only on the internet


i swear i saw one at a denny’s once


@ Marlin Pie: ??? / ??? for publicly mentioning about the images for The Break I did. Looks like is not on the format you guys use for the Character Generator. Please let me know what format of images you use and I’ll gladly make some more for my favorite SSF4 stream. Also, guys, please give me some insight., the following link is the image I did and as I wasn’t too happy I decided to improve it a little more.

Anyway, I sent the same image to KDZ and he replied saying that I had to put a tag which read his name as header… which I didn’t like much since “I guess” the 8 on the Break is a common effort of many people. I did it anyway, click here to check ALL THE IMAGES SO FAR ON MY BLOG. And you guys tell me what you think would be better.

Here’s my mail elgranpepino@hotmail.com, please put this in the title of your letters “SRK” so i won’t auto move those messages to my spam folder. Thanks in advance.


KDZ and friends? KDZ and co.?


Not a bad idea.

I was about to make an outro credits page which includes the names of all people putting their ¢5.
Here, have some screenshots of KDZs private messages to me. Not so private now, here’s the next one


Actually 8otb weeklies were started by KDZ and have become what they are mainly because of his work, resources, and connections to the break. There are a lot of people who help out and think they are running shit, but in reality, KDZ IS THE ONE RUNNING SHIT!!!

If he wishes to have “KDZ presents”, then its really fine, but i think “kdz and friends” also sounds nice…

just some feedback… the images are awesome, but I think that they could do without the word “weekly” because “THE BREAK #xx” would look better by itself! I don’t know why, but I think simpler would be better. Also, adding in “America’s TRF” somewhere would be fucking sweet!

lol at his private messages on blast

shoutouts to kdz’s bday


Alright man, got me smiling! Awesome feedback, made it much more clear. Gonna put myself to work on this.

Kudos to Kid D. Zaster! Happy /B/day


Like that art for the break, pepino just ask jaxel what size his video window is then it should be pngs or tiff. No white background


Pepino put my private messages on a public thread!

banbanban him!!!


I’m loving Kazi’s avatar.


How about “KDZ and his Amazing Friends!!”


I’m currently working on a BETTER than the previous 2 screens, and stuff, with illustrations. Only if I don’t get so easily carried away playing TF2 or watching stream videos I could finish them quicker >: (, and yes, ‘KDZ and his amazing’ friends is a winner!


what up kdz ! what do you think about helping us start a little jaunt down here in south jersey!! we have an awesome place called nerd palace with custom cabinets and we are starting to have alittle sf4 scene down here… let me know PM me or call me

NP Video Gaming

we get together on monday nights for “fight night”… open invite to all