[7/1/10] CTF tourney for 5v5 BATTLE FOR THE EMPIRE STATE Results

I would like to thank all of you for coming out to support this event. 34 ppl is great for a first turn out

Battle for Empire State 5v5 qual - CHALLONGE!

  1. Mike G (box) congrats to him for being the first on board of team NYC!
  2. osiris241 (Go)
  3. clearly a panda (Vi)


Andre(emp) got a 30+ game win streak on the casuals cab
I got peaced out in the first time in history of SF 0-2 : (
Clanky D got pretty far with random select
dr. chaos made a guest apearance.
Rico came in too late
chris hu didnt wanna enter for some random reason

I will have a back up support team to make sure the next one gets recorded.

next one is on 7/15 @ 8pm ctf [7/1/10] CTF tourney for 5v5 BATTLE FOR THE EMPIRE STATE mini series

Good shit to Mike G. Boxer is taking over NYC!!!

Very well run by Andy. GGs to everyone. I’m hype. Cant wait to represent NYC against the Empire.

Guest appearance! GdlK :rofl:

Congrats To MikeG =D

good games to rhys, megaman steve, travis, and poem

Fun tourny good shit to Andy. Grats to Mike Fucking G. Besides 2/3 of my matches being xbox live, my Juri escapade went ok lol let’s see how far I get in the next one with her. GG’s liquid and the makoto user forgot his name, close game.

thanks for running this andy. you may need a vuvuzela next time to scream across the room for cab assignments the random bracket generator seems fair and a good idea.

wont be able to make the next one, the tourny starts too late for me

Sorry i missed this! I play 99% of my games on live,…I gotta get used to the lag free cabs and the close quarters, I’ll definitely be at the next one, no way a boxer should win against a decent Chun! LOL, Mike G must be some hot stuff! Congrats!

Yeah I dunno if ima be able to rock with the next tournaments if they run as late as this on a weekday, I was able to get away with it yesterday cuz I had off today thanks to it bein the Fourth this weekend. GG’s everyone, hopefully I can pull off showin to at least 1 more of these… oh and good shit to there being FIVE AKUMAS yesterday…LOL

How late did it run?

i think it ended @ 1130 just keep in mind guys that i started late @ 915 i wont b late again guys srry about that

stay free mike haha, good shit.