7/1 MVC2 Results @ The Break! + Videos (soon)

First off, thanks for everyone from all over the tri state for coming out to give Mike Ross the support he deserves. This is proof positive that the community can really come together in the time of need.

18 people

  1. Infinite aka why random kids from the WC wanna play me for money - Rowtron
  2. Starbury aka calm the heck down - MSS, Storm/Sent/Cyke
  3. Lincoln aka last thread on ROM infinite guy - MSS
  4. Shaheed no aka =( - Storm/Sent/Cable
  5. Rob Sigley aka your favorite mvc2 players’ favorite mvc2 player - MSP
  6. Trentinal - MSS
  7. Orville - MIP
  8. Phil aka Slap your favorite MVC2 player - ??
  9. Hevad Khan - MSTron
  10. Diego - Storm/Cable/Commando
  11. Alex Monin - Mag/Cable/Doom, Storm/Sent/Cyke
  12. Steve Smith!! - Cable all he needs
  13. Otis aka ImPerfectCell - Mag/IM/Sent
  14. Phi aka Phi Cable/Storm/Commando
  15. J.B.aka Blackstar - Sent/Cable/Commando
  16. ?
  17. Ed the Head - Mag/Sent/Tron
  18. ?

help me fill in the blanks =)

Finals was 0-3, 3-2 I think. Shawn came so close to winning.

Next week (and one after that for a lil) Steve Hanna (Eternal Fighter on SRK) will be running the tournaments so please show up for him. Thanks!

About the videos - I recorded about 70 mins worth of stuff; I’ll encode it tomorrow then figure out what to host and post the link in this thread.

wtf? is this a joke? ed got last place?

ed played his first match, lost then left.

great tourney, was great playing with jersey and ctf :slight_smile: thanks for hosting rob, and ill be here on time next week for the new hoster

i always come out to support fallin wc players,

neways, finals were 3-2 there was no 2nd set and my cable > shawns everything:p

looked like a good turnout, wish i could of made it :frowning:
next week though

and my tronbonne > your everything (but cable :frowning: )

Yea Ed lost his first match to Lincoln then left why he got last.

Sorry about that I thought Shawn won the first set :confused:

shout outs to Infinite and mr.Piff(lincoln)
for reppin NYC!

my fault mike for fronting on this one
i was DeaD Broke

             Fuck cable...Marrow:D

Good job mike,I guess all those times I ocved you when u were in richmond helped your game.

yea mike is too good…but in the finals his mag snapback > my everything…cable didnt even show…nucca…i love u mike…i have this mental block where i just get hit by every snapback you’ll ever throw…come next week playa…see ya at evo too,nucca…

good shit to everyone else…

… I quit.


hahahahaha, kay ill see u next week dazzle

when are you going to post vids
starburry owns me:mad:

oh, that was you that night? i didn’t recognize you with your haircut :smiley: