7/1 UCLA CvS2 Team Tourney


1st Team R.U.N. (SiN, P-Daddy, Dash) P- Blanka, Vega, Kyo C- Chun li, Vega, Blanka

2nd Team UCLA Aka OCV NineFingers! (Shaolin, R|C, Yumi Saotome) C- Sagat, Blanka, Sakura, Chun li, Cammy

3rd Team Lackeys (Cesar Vargas, J-Peso, Juan) P- Sagat, Blanka, Rolento, Terry

4th Place Team Iwamoto (Nakano, Kenjiro) K/C- Sagat, Blanka, Cammy, Zangief

5th Place Team Asshandedness (Mike Kahn, Will Garcia, Muffin Man) A- Chun Li, Sakura, Athena, Bison

Team tourneys are great if they are played without other tournaments. Final Sets Team Run 2-3, 2-0

P-Kyo pwns… Other highlights include nonstop roll supers!!!
Post your other highlights!!!


Damn. Team UCLA vs. The Lackeys in losers, best 3 of 5, winner will go on to face R.U.N. in the finals. UCLA wins one, then Lackeys, then UCLA, then Lackeys. Final game comes down to the last characters. Cesar’s P-Rolento (full life) and Yumi’s C-Chun Li (full life). Yo Cesar, what happened?:frowning:
It’s all good, I had fun.:smiley: Peace!

  • J-Peso