7/10/04 Anderson, SC MvC2/3s/PF Results (aka the Fundraiser, aka Haunts is a BEAST!)

MvC2 Results:

  1. Dee Boggess (Dee) - Charlotte, NC
  2. Shaun Banks (evil-storm) - Charlotte, NC
  3. Thra You (scrub_4_life) - Charlotte, NC
  4. Jae Purvis (ShinRyuX) - Clemson/Anderson/Columbia, SC
  5. Kevin Hutchins (The_Gunslinger) - Anderson, SC

MvC2 turnouts are getting worse and worse every tournament…This one ended up being round robin.

Puzzle Fighter Results:

  1. Neidel Crisan (haunts) - Athens, GA
  2. June Ro (dooboy) - Atlanta, GA
  3. Ted King (LiquiTed) - Lavonia, GA
  4. Gabe (Atlanta?)
  5. Me (I WAS HAVING A BAD DAY, OK???!?!??111??!)
  6. Jordan Harvey (i_own_a_3rd_strike_board) - Anderson, SC
  7. ELI GOT THE BIG STANK :slight_smile: (sundu) - Athens, GA

Much fun! Round robin also. Everyone used Ken, except me :slight_smile: Neidel = beast (see below). Expect a BIG tournout at the summer’s end bash.

3rd Strike Results:

  1. Neidel “Superbeast” Crisan (haunts) - Athens, GA
  2. Jae Purvis (ShinLaserScraper) - All Over, SC
  3. June “Snorlax” Ro (dooboy) - ATL
  4. Adam, brother of the one they call sundu - Athens, GA
  5. Eli, brother of the guy above (sundu) - Athens, GA
  6. Ted “Scarecrow” King (LiquiTed) - Lavonia, GA but really here
  7. Samuel Slackerman (who wants to sell me his PF) - Anderson
  8. Matthew Botts (the only guy nobody knew) - Anderson
  9. Gabe again, sorry I didn’t get your info (Atlanta?)
    X) That guy that owns the 3S board that threw the clipboard

Ted will have to do the apex thing - please fill in my blanks here, b/c I didn’t catch a few last names, etc.




Everyone fill in any real info thats missing for APEX and I’ll make it legal .

I’ll sell you my DC PF if you want it…never gets played anyway .

Good games to everyone and thanks for showing up . Kyah made every possible attempt to make this event as good as possible with MUCH help from Jordan . Thanks guys for throwing it together while I was at the beach .


man, there were some serious nasty matches this tournament! most of the matches were really close and really intense. this was a lot of fun.

crazy ass charge partitioning, backwards parries and all kinds of weird shit that ive never seen before. haha.

anyway, im sure the atl will come back next time you throw something. thanks Kyah!

Damn crazy shit happened. I played slack ass hell to start with in the tournament and finally got back into a groove AFTER the tournament and was doing all kinds of crazy shit. Guess I need to actually play and keep in practice if I hope to compete. BAH I like the convex buttons on marvel but now they gone WAAAAAAAAAAH

See you Cats

I might put more jap buttons in marvel…lets check on some prices.

Shouts: Mad props to Ted, Adam, and especially Jordan (who not only donated his 3S board, but also went home and took the convex buttons out of his cab to put in Marvel) for helping run brackets. Hella good to see everyone from Athens and Charlotte; we appreciate you guys making the 1.5 hour drives to centralize and game with us. And June, always good to see a fellow EMS’er make the journey as well (and nice to meet you, Gabe).

For an impromptu tournament, I’d say this was went quite well. We raised $75 to go towards the new game fund, and stirred up interest that the owner will appreciate (it helps us stay in business). I’ll be rewiring the Tekken Tag cabinet to put my MVS in this week. SSIV will be in until V gets here (which I can now order). Thanks for the support - I can’t wait to continue making changes and put OL back on the map.


i had a hella good time at this tourny i wish their was more pplz but ahhh wht u gonna do it was really short notice, big props to kyah for throwing it and puttin in jap buttons at our request thank you jordan for bringin dem from ur house :smiley: shouts to ted, jae, sammy, kevin hope the next one is bigger :evil:

Had fun at tourney despite there was not alot of people there. What can u say though it was short notice so i understand,hopefully next time there will be some more players for me to beat up on(lol).By the way Kyah can u change my name to just (Shaun Banks without evil-storm with it)and can u also change dee’s name to(Dee Boggess without DEE as the screen name.Thx and hope to see some of u guys at the july 24th tournament.Holla back:cool:

Results page updated .

How about a KoF for a while untill SSV arrives ???

Had a great time at the tourny, hope to come back again with the WHOLE charlotte crew. Good seeing Kevin, Kyah, Sammy, Ted and Crystal. I will be god at puzzelfighter, soon the time will come.
The round robin thing (5matches) was cool too, it gave everyone alot more playing time and made up for the lack of people, also made it very fair for everyone because you get more than 2 chances.
It was nice knowing that going into my last set of 5 games that I only had to win three, the most work I had to do for the other two was pressing the start button.

Good job anderson, everytime i come down there’s more bitches to oogle over.

P.S. Kevin, did you ever find Sammy’s number?

Do you have 2003? If not, I was thinking IV should go in to give the people something to warm up to…

I have 2k2 and 2k3…kind of been playing 2k3 but I can let it go for a few weeks I suppose .


Thanks for the kind words guys, sorry about the clipboard… I explain the reason to some and to the others I apologize. I was very tired and cranky. Well any way KOF sounds great to me either one!

Oh and Kyah I also didn’t use Ken, I used Lie Lie in PF!!



Hey people Its me Matthew Botts the guy Nobody knew and you know the dude who didn’t even have the 3rd strike or a arcade stick lol well my Birthdays coming up getting my arcade stick and the games and i hope it is before the new tourney comes i want to show out and win a good place. Next time Lets hope people press the red button on the 4-wheeler game its retard. Yeah and thanks to Adam and Eli for Keeping me Company!