7/10 MvC2 Break Tournament Results!


1st - Josh Wigfall
2nd - Desmond Pinkney
3rd - Org
4th - Mike D.
5th - Ed
5th - Shawn M.


7- Rob Sigley and Dave Turner



Jersey really held it down for the most part, Ed putting Josh in the losers (then wanting to bet like a billion dollars) and overall wasn’t the beat down it usually is, Jersey coming up finally


MIKE FN D!!!:frowning:

form of:fastest man when it comes to mashing out a tempest…next time…


:smiley: :smiley:

The advent of Free-to-Play fighting games

< RanDom post


Yo your avatar is f*cking beastly!!!
Unblockable that shit!!!

Dealing with focus dash

This week i’m going crazy…Word is B, NIGGA!


Damn someone likes my work:D