7/11 SOVA Bi-Monthly

SF4 is officially DEAD in SOVA. That is all.

1: Ryry
2: Joe E
3: Gummowned
4: Dsinnie
5: Blackula
5: Winback
7: RanDumbCat
7: Cheesus Christ
9: Zygote
9: PHB
9: Baby Puncher
9: Tenshi
13: Mike

Sf4 is not dead!!!

Seconded. I will always love you SF4!

good shit

ps this game is trash

if i got top 4, sf4 is dead… for now anyhow…

when the new edition comes out then i’ll pick back up i think

This’s just me, but I think it’s SoVA that’s been dead this weekend, not SFIV.

I mean really, if we had held Blue instead of SFIV, do you think…

Foomy would’ve shown up?
10x would’ve shown up?
Otis would’ve shown up?
All of !A would’ve shown up?
All of the FnG crew would’ve shown up?
All of Gamestop Corp. would’ve shown up?
Aries, Troyboy, Aimforthefeet, Aleri, Ollie (sp), Scooder (sp), Nelson, Styles, DJK, and Mito would’ve shown up?

It’s probably not the game that matters. It could’ve been a busy/shitty/costly weekend for people, and then we’ve got people who’ve either moved or are away. Who knows if SoVA is truly dead. We’ll see at the first ranbat when it’s at Blackula’s pad (a familiar place that everyone can get to and hang out) and people have $2 to spare (cheap). If that goes just as bad, then I’m out of excuses.

Fun games all around. See ya at the next one.

GS to all the players. I couldn’t afford $15 this weekend because I’m going to Ota next weekend, plus I got invited by my dad to go over to his house and watch UFC. That’s why I didn’t show up.


to a point, i still kinda like it now, if we didn’t play iit every week for tournaments it would be awesome.

just played it out soooooooooooo hard…

i personally think peeps arent in the mood right now for tournies. its summertime and some peeps got other shit to do besides play games, some have work and cant take off every sat and some just dont want a tourny every week. when sf4 to the 3rd power comes out dont hold weeklies for that shit.

Good point.

Should we have kept it bi-weekly?

The only reason these ranbats were held back to back to back for season 2 because almost every weekend in June had a tournament scheduled.

June 13th - AFTF’s tourney
June 20th - Richmond
June 27th - Hooters

That’s why I did all 3 ranbats prior to those dates and held the bi-monthly on July 11th because the weekend before was July 4th.

im down for the next one

sf4 is dead in sova because you guys think zangief counters sagat

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

Please don’t say anything unintelligent again. kthx.