7/12/08 Nashville, TN KUMITE in TENNESSEE (Smash, 3s, T5DR, TTT, GGAC, SC4)

Fuck beans… I so slept on this. 3S on console!! Hell yeah!! Time to dust off the pad :lol: Guess I better practice. All that stick play has made me much worse than usual :lol:

How many 3S peeps gonna show up, anyway? 5 or 6?

Yes, I am going:D

if someone brings a tv + console you guys can setup cvs2 next to 3s… the table will have room

Not sure if there would be enough people for a CvS2 side tourney but I might bring a set-up for CvS2. I could run a side tourney if there’s enough interest.

I’ll be suprised if ANYONE plays CVS2, but whatever. I’m surprised if anyone plays 3s.

I’ll play 3S if you play CvS2, so that’s 2 people already, lol.

People that miss this 3S tournament will be sorry they didn’t come, they should show up and make it even bigger imo

Well, maybe we’ll have 4 people play. LOL

Taz should be entering the tourney. I hear he’s gonna beast.

Im planning on being there. Crawled out of my rock, lol. Even practiced, to boot:lol:

Should be fun, can’t wait to play sitting on the floor, LOL

So a man named Iori will come and take Brawl tomorrow. Lol.

Any updates yet?

Reflex came to this? Good shit, Luis. Play melee again, haha.