(7/13/10) 8 on the Break Weeky #65

Another exciting tourney at the break!

1: Ryder (Abel, Ken)
1: KDZ (Rufus, Ryu)
1: MarlinPie (C. Viper)
4: Elias
5: Kazi
5: Dycknasty
7: Quotes
7: DemonEyes
9: Heartless
9: WetBucket
9: TroyGT
9: Crazy Master Hand
13: SKM
13: Seas of Cheese
13: FTwilight
13: BadFish
17: SamDa3rd
17: Ryan G
17: Kich
17: Starscream Jesus
17: Kit
17: DarkProduce
17: Siiig
17: Crab
25: Puccabuki
25: orochimarusama21

good stuff guys especially dycknasty an marlinpie for the insane matches lets see if i play marlinpie first round agains next week lol

Sorry guys I wasn’t there this week for some commitment I had, … what, Ryder winner again!? Grats Bad Fish, heard you’re improving! keep it up! I was actually hoping to see Henry Cen in the Break sporting gold TE, but… well, wondering where’s him >: (

Oh and some question, why now with USStream and not JustinTV? I liked more JTV, doesn’t need a log-on stuff for the stream chat trolling : )

Hey Pepino… I finally got around to making some guides to artwork I need for the stream… Its sort of a cross of what Spooky uses, and what we saw during EVO…

Each template needs to be 1280x720… and should follow the guidelines below. Of course you don’t have to follow the guidelines exactly by pixel, but the 16:9 and 4:3 ratios for windows are essential…









And if you watched the evo stream, you will have seen that during matches, they put a person’s name above the health bars… I like that, I would like to do something like that, with round information at the bottom between the super bars.

The open spaces on each picture can be used for the break logo, miscellaneous information and urls and stuff… It would be best if you sent me the PSDs, not the rasterized images. Thanks!

copy/paste this from last week?

I’m trying to get philly to pull through next week unless chaos is too busy posing w/ his hat…

THANKS! i was needing that Jax! keep up the good work!

Good shit Ryder

3 guys got 1st? Dammm. Only in Jersey…

Mike G come to the break soon! I need some balrog knowledge!

I want to. Money is just real tight right now. Plus getting a ride out there is another thing. Ill deff be doing my best to make it out their as soon as I can.

Can I also get that awsome templates if you don’t mind? :smiley:

but again… where can I find the recorded matches!?

There are no recorded matches for the past few weeks.

Top 5 needs more me, I should probably start playing this game again