7/13 Family Fun Biweekly Results: CVS2, MVC2, T4

CVS2 - 7 players:
1 Clubberz (Mike Hernandez) - C: Guile/Blanka/Chun Li
2 Ed Ma - uh i forgot… A: Kyo, Bison, Sakura?
3 Nick Mora - C: Ryu/Sagat/Ken/Akuma
4 Lawrence - A: Cammy/Sakura/Akuma

MVC2 - 16 players:
1 SooMighty - Mag/Cable/Psy or CapCom, Sent/Storm/CapCom
2 Potter Da Monster - Storm/Sent/Cable
3 Junior. B - Sent/Storm/Cable, Sent/Cable/CapCom
4 ise - Sent/Storm/CapCom

T4 Round Robin - 6 players:
1 Michael Bertumen
2 Robert Harris
3 Brandon, Jimmy Severim
5 Josh Caceres
6 Mark, Joseph
(sorry i dont got the char’s for T4)

Marvel has the biggest turnouts lately. Next MvC2 tournament will be 7 dollars, let’s raise the stakes up a bit. Ya’ll cool with that? Someone beat Soomighty so he don’t get all the money! :slight_smile: j/k soo

Next week is 3S, GGXX, and Super Turbo~