7/14/07 FFA 3s 2on2 Results

15 Teams total

Here are the results:

1st - Pyrolee (Yun SA3) & Amir (Chun Li SA2)

2nd - Shogo (Yun SA3) & Mr. Universe (Urien SA3)

3rd - Victoly (Dudely SA2&3) & Rockefeller (Urien SA3)

4th - Sextaro (Makoto SA1&2) & Mike Watson (Ken SA3)

5th - Lenin (Ken SA3) & Let Blood Run (Urien SA3)

5th - Ghetto D (Alex SA2) & Shadini (Chun Li SA2)

7th - Reset (Ken SA2) & Kai (Chun Li SA2)

7th - Mr. Bean (Yun SA3) & Neiman (Hugo SA1&3)

9th - Ironfist (Dudley SA1&3) & Ray Ramos (Hugo SA1)

9th - Mike Menace (Hugo SA3) & Slimelord (Necro SA3)

9th - Jose (Akuma SA1) & John (Oro SA1?)

9th - Zerogunner (Alex SA2) & Sanchez (Alex SA2)

12th- Jaha (Dudley SA1&3) & Devil X (Ryu SA3)

12th- Jeesup (Dudley SA3) & Tom (Necro SA1&3)

12th- Trippy (Yang SA2&3) & Renic (Necro SA3)

Thanx to everyone who came down to both MvC2 and 3s 2on2 tournaments…and thanx to Darkprince for handling MvC2 2on2 & 3s brackets and Watson / Rockefeller for helping out with running the 2on2 tournament

FFA 3s Singles next week 7/21 @ 8pm
Best 2/3 (3/5 Winners/Losers/Grand Finals) Double Elim
$5 per person
Pot split 60/30/10

Be there! :wink:

Jesop used Dudley SA3

Tom used Necro SA 1/SA 3

I didn’t bother seeing who john used though.

Jose used Akuma SA1

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Jesop = Jeesup

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lol. taht shit was too hype yesterday. my voice was done after that tournament.

:lol: Hahaha. I didn’t play Yang, I played Alex. And BGs to myself for playing like garbage yesterday. Sorry Sanchez. Next time.


Hey wait a minute. I did the brackets. :lol:

Don’t sweat it, Zero.

Great times yesterday.Marvel was fucking HYPE!

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Good shit Pyrolee, Amir, & Shogo

Thanks again shogo for cleaning up my mess. I was hella tried won’t happen again. I think it was because I didn’t have my loud speaker.

Wow Shogo, looks like you’re hungry! Hungry to win!!

Props to Amir and Pyro, beastliest team in FFA History.

And nice to see everyone for a minute, especially the much-missed Watts and Don.

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At least I was there… :rolleyes:

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