[7/14] Medford, LI, NY - Battle for Bisonopolis! SFIV/SF3s - Cash Prize!

All right so now that I’ve got everything set up I can finally post all the official information for this tournament! Though it may be my first personally run SF tournament this is not the first tournament that I’ve run. I work at the Smithtown Play N Trade and I’ve run a few tourneys there so you can rest assured this isn’t going to turn out to be a hot mess!

The venue will be my house but there will be three rooms that was pretty much open so you really won’t have to worry about space being a problem. I’ve be clearing out my living room, dining room, and den, so there shouldn’t be any problems so long as everyone remembers its a house and not an actual venue. From my experience everyone in the LI SF scene seem like good people so I’m not too worried about my place getting destroyed.

Venue - 708 Blue Ridge Drive
Medford, NY, 11763

Date - Tuesday, July 14th, '09

Contact - 1-631-871-3860 (Ask for Brad)

For those of you coming in from the city or Brooklyn just take the train to the Patchogue train station. If you need to be picked up from there let me know and I’ll definitely see what I can do about it. Though I suggest carpooling together as that would be most convenient.

I will have three TV’s set up for this. One of them is a 47" Vizio HD Plasma TV, one is a 20" Vizio HDTV, and the other is a Philips tube TV. We’re going to have a capture card as well.

The tournaments run will be :

  • Street Fighter 4 - PS3
  • Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike - PS2

Tournament entry : $5

The winnings will be split 75% - 25% between first and second place in each respective tournament. There is no house fee so any money going into the tournament will be paid out to the winner at the end.

Registration starts at 4:30pm and the tournament will start between 6pm and 6:30PM.

SFIV Rules -
All characters allowed.
Rounds are best 2/3 and matches are best 2/3.
Finals will be best 3/5 and 2/3 matches.
Double Elimination.

SFIII Third Strike Rules -
Gill is Banned
Rounds are best 2/3 and matches are best 2/3.
Finals will be best 3/5 and 2/3 matches.
Double Elimination.

SF4 will be played on the 47" and Third Strike will be played on the 20"

The third TV will be set up for casuals in any number of games. I will have my 360 hooked up to it but I can swap it out for a PS2 if need be. As far as non tournament play goes I’ll have : KoF 00/01, SFA, SFA 3, Darkstalkers, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, GGX, KoF XI, CvS2, KoF95, JoJo’s BA, CvS Pro, Rival Schools, SF Collection, SFIV (360)

There will also be food supplied for free so you don’t have to worry about starving to death!

Come and enjoy yourself, get some practice in before Evo, and make a little extra cash while you’re at it! If you have any questions either hit me up on here for call the number at the top of the screen. Thanks a lot and I hope to see you guys here!

I’m gonna bump this up just to make sure it gets seen.

cool i’m 90% there

sounds good so far

Tuesday makes me :sad:.

Sorry about it being mid week. Its the earliest I can do it and any later and i’d be getting into people’s flights to EVO.

I’m considering adding BlazBlue to the tourney lineup. Anyone interested in that? Otherwise I’ll just have it there for Casuals.

I’m probably coming with 1 or 2 friends $5 is too good too pass up. Get some blazblue going too mannnnn

BlazBlue will definitely be there on the 360 for casuals at the very least. If there’s enough interest I’ll run it the same way I’m running SF4/3s. let as many people as you can know about this. I’d like there to be a good turnout and if there is I’m going to start running them more often at my Job. (Play N Trade Smithtown) in our huge downstairs basement which has 8 HDTV’s.

If I am off from work I’ll pass by with friends.

I’m so hype for thissssss

Nice. I’m glad that it seems like there’s gonna be a good turnout. But just in case things go awry or something I’m going to put $20 of my own money into the pot to start with. That’ll be 10 that goes into sf4 pot and 10 that goes into SF3.

what exit on the L.I.E?

I believe it’s exit 64. I’ll make sure but I’m fairly sure of that. I haven’t used the LIE in a while so I’m not positive.

Hey do you need an extra xbox or tv? I do have a vga cable and a monitor?

And I hope people play CVS2. I’m in here

I think I’m set for Xboxes. I’ve got my own and my girlfriends as backup, i’ve got a PS3 and two PS2’s. I should be set for everything unless I’ve forgotten about something haha. As far as tv’s go I know that two of them are good for sure. I’ve just gotta test out one more of them to make sure it wont have any input lag. But it should be perfect.

I decided I am just going to take off work want to chill that day. Coming threw with mad heads if they down.

I don’t think I can make it, but that sounds cool as shit. Thanks bisonopolis for hooking this up. BTW you’re the guy from that LI tournament who brings his own folding chair right? That shit is legittttttttt.


Hahaha yea that’s me. You gotta love that pimp ass director chair I got haha.

Wow, this is close to me. I voted maybe only because it’s on a Tuesday. Hopefully I can make it and have my ass handed to me. lol