[7/15/10] ctf 5v5 nyc qual results

ggs guys 22 entries is pretty good but we will be going to another spot next week just to mix things up. just keep in mind that the 5v5 vs emp is going down 8/28/10

  1. damdai (ry) new 5v5 team member
  2. citiofbrass (ad)
  3. chris hu (co)
  4. clanky d (random)

nyc 5v5 qual 2 - CHALLONGE!

its going down next week thursday @ another borough so look out, were coming to a place near YOU! ill update you guys tmr

[media=youtube]iMLq3GWxtkU[/media] some Bracket Matches

[media=youtube]C0EO-A-RHAM[/media] Top 4

YOO DAMDAI!!! Welcome to the team =)

yo when/where is the next one? I want in

ill update shortly