7/15 - The Break Weeklys MVC2 RESULTS - NJ

1st - Shaun "Starbury"
2nd - "Matrix"
3rd - Shaheed "teacha"
4th - Jose "BlueJay"
5th - Orville "ORV"
5th - Alex Monin
-12 People

Good shit to everyone; Shawn and Matrix I’ll be gunnin’ for your Sent’s next time.


Shah :fury:

aight shaheed good shit to you, matrix, jose and all of jersey heads…and ed u lil bitch you should play smarter next time damn it…see you guys thursday

hah good one shaheed, it’s hevad … congrats on placing 3rd

sorry i didnt make it out this time…maybe next week :confused:

Hevad haven’t seen you in like 3 weeks man stop and Fun N Games someday.

aight peace

Matrix, I got you next time we play… :stuck_out_tongue: .