7/16 FFA 3s Ranking Battle Results & 3s Vid

Very cool tournament…had some weird suprises in 3rd Strike

Streetfighter III: 3rd Strike (36 ppl entered)
1st - Sex-Taro Inoue - Makoto SA2 (10 Points)
2nd - Amir - Chun Li SA2 (7 Points)
3rd - 5 Star - Ken SA3 (5 Points)
4th - Gootecks - Urien SA3 (3 Points)

**Point standings are:

3rd Strike
1st - 5 star - 27 Points
2nd - Victoly - 23 Points
3rd - Sex-Taro Inoue - 15 Points
4th - Pyrolee - 13 Points
5th - Shadini - 12 Points
6th - Amir - 7 Points
7th - Gootecks - 3 Points**

Right click on the link below and click on "Save As…"
FFA 3rd Strike RANBAT # 4

Special thanx to King Raoh and Rockefeller for doing the commentary…also thanx to Matt and Eric chin for the huge help with running the brackets…Ryan for the extra equiptment and everyone else who helped out and came down to make this another fun tournament!

N-Joy! :tup:

who took out vic?

sextaro took out vic

makoto is too powerful.

yeah 5star for reppin Ken!

I think Rockefeller should interview random people while they’re playing.

“Just say Umehara”

ROFL that shit made me laugh hard

Sextaro must be the coolest nickname ever. Just saying it makes you warm and cozy.

Damn. I want some Jesus Crispys. :rofl:

react juice

Some eighth graders entering the arcade. It’s a field trip! Maybe, uh, no school tomorrow?

I want some of 5 Star’s clothing line. :smiley:

Here u go


Have fun shopping :tup:

good shiz on that page. my favorite is the “Parry the attack” shirt. Rei is working on VictoLy’s “tortured poet” line. :wow:

Jesus Crispys for the win.

EDIT: ROFL @ Sextaro picking Hugo… XD

the “i <3 3S” shirt is too good, hahaha.

Can’t wait to check this out!

What the hell is a “tummy warmer?”