7/16 Gaming ETC Stratford, CT RESULTS

Thanks everyone for coming by, the good showing resulted in the store investing even further by getting more monitors&systems to keep these events going. Do to the small showing of MK players tho, to make it worthwhile to those who do come and make it future entry fees for that game will be $20 to make it worth the trip to come. In the brackets linked below the only scores recorded correctly were MK9 as that was a RR, in the future I will try to record these as best as possible

SSF4:AE 27 Participants bracket http://challonge.com/617ae

  1. Marlinpie
  2. Raion
  3. Hondatech
  4. Tommy2x
  5. Dirk
  7. Manny O
  8. @IllestofWills
  9. Magno
  10. Jamal
  11. GDX TV
  12. Kryptic
  13. PRC
  14. SRP Rich
  15. Craig Fn Keller
  16. Mayor McJustin
  17. Mike Mason
  18. Yea Aite
  19. 4ocious Jjuice
  20. Dan
  21. Boadi
  22. SRP Malcolm
  23. DSP
  24. Orlando
  25. Godhand
  26. Cheeseburger

Marvel vs Capcom 3 29 Participants bracket: http://challonge.com/617mvc3

  1. Marlinpie
  2. @IllestofWills
  3. Tonk
  4. Kryonik
  5. Goy
  6. Realyst
  7. SRP Rich
  8. Sir Rod
  10. Kenny
  11. 4ocious Jjuice
  12. Magno
  13. Cheeseburger
  14. Manny O
  15. Richie
  16. DSP
  17. Dan
  18. Corey
  19. Rob Aponte
  20. 4ocious Ralph
  21. Ken Houston
  22. jamal
  23. Foxhound
  24. PRC
  25. Shaq
  26. Mayor McJustin
  27. Robbie W
  28. Slim
  29. Jay

Mortal Kombat 9: 5 Man Round Robin of Death bracket http://challonge.com/617mk9

  1. Jeremy 7 wins
  2. Kenny 6 wins
  3. Justin 5 wins
  4. Nikko 4 wins
  5. Ej 4 wins

Once again thanks to everyone that came, especially Cheeseburger & Ken Houston first guys there. Hope to see everyone at the next one

Congrats to the winners and participants, this event was a sign of great things to come for the CT community. Thank you for the opportunity to let us stream and to those that helped with the commentary. Bacardi did a great job of running things as always. Here is the link to our archived stream from the event.


If you dig our stream and appreciate the effort, please follow us at http://www.justin.tv/dontblowthis and check out our website at http://dontblowthis.com/

GGs to everyone, had a blast seeing everyone from CT and congrats to MarlinPie for being able to go to Evo now. Hope he gets to bust out the Cammy in top 16!

On a sidenote congrats to Foxhound for winning the raffle and geting Fallout: New Vegas. The store once again appreciates everyone for coming and next time there will be games raffled off and more fun surprises

Nice I got top ten but I will be doing alot better next time. No more choking on my part

What happened in MK Justin? I thought you were going to win?!

Seeing my name in last place makes me want to play AE again lol, also how the hell did i get 13th i only played 3 games

Due to the odd number some people had first round byes


Marlins too cheap

Ill Wills a bummmmm <3

god damn alot of ppl showed up man I wish I could of been there but I’m happy to say I got the job I missed this event for.

Being employed is important and congrats on getting the job, so now i know you have entry fee for future events

Fucking jeremy. That’s what happend. He wouldn’t lose!!! Lol. That and Noob shenanigans happend. Lol.
I wish more people would support MK. That’s how scenes die out. No support.

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YOOOOOO!!! LuckyD sux. 3rd Place D

Good shit to everybody I played and I want everyone I didnt play to play me next time we meet. BIG THANKS to BACARDI for runnin the tourney and bein DAT NIGGA and thank you for the streamers and commentators. Thats a good spot you guys got for tourney.
Only thing I wanna ask is since ur gettin more monitors and systems is there a way to run 1 tourney til its near the end then run the other. just cuz its hard atleast for me to bang back into sf mode after playin so much marvel. if not its cool ill just adapt harder cuz im gdlk. (cept in grandfinals)

follow me on twitter for mostly tourneys and streams I and alot of NE’s MA’s are on!! plugplugplug

Great turnout! I wish I could have made it.

Good shit to MarlinPie for being gdlk, and good shit to Raion and hondatech for placing in AE. Sorry that I couldn’t make it to this one, and I hope we can play soon.

Do it!

Good shit making it to grand finals, though.

Might want to post the address for your twitter if you want people to follow you, homey. Just sayin’. :razzy:

I thought it was obvious how my name in the placings is my twitter name. But ok @illestofwills follow meeeeeeeeeeeee

damn we need to change your name to hollywood will so vein

MVC3 Footage now up http://www.dontblowthis.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=241

Woah damn. Good stuff. Now you just need to divide that placement by 2. :wink:

Working on it. =P