7/16 Iowa monthly results


1 murph
2 ken
3 keela
4 hogosh
5 sonny
7 klaige
7 indiana’s finest
9 mark
9 kint
9 ngamer
13 latino link


1 austin
2 jake
3 brett
4 kingfan
5 xiang
5 travis
7 bryan
7 indiana’s finest
9 nugen


1 ngamer
2 grog
3 hogosha
4 kemps
5 latino link
7 diego
7 bryan
9 indiana’s finest
9 mark
9 jake
9 nugen

Side tourny, CVS

1 grog
2-4 murph, jay, sonny
5 curtis
7 indiana’s finest
7 blake
9 latino link
9 mike
[This is all I have for CVS; Loser’s semis wasn’t recorded, so I’m missing a chunk.]

23 people total this time. Not a big surprise that we had less than last time, I know a few people who usually show had to work, and with EVO so close, I’m sure some people stayed home for some reason…

Until next time!

CVS2 top 4 was

1 Sonny
2 Grog
3 Murph
4 Jay

Pizza and frisbee in the park after the tourney = god-tier.

Hope I didn’t annoy too many people with the Vega hype.

Edit - My tourney report: http://shinhogosha.blogspot.com/2011/07/tourney-log-iowa-monthly-716-cedar.html

D: Aww frisbee after??? If I didn’t have to be home right after the tournament…

GGs once again. Four words: See Vee Ess Two.

Who are these SF newcomers? Props to the MK placers too, even though we had less of a turnout, the player base is still growing.

Yeah, I was impressed with the MK entry growing despite an overall lower turnout. You guys should get into it! It’s way better than Marvel and more fun! lol

Had a lot of fun, hope to do this again soon.


I didn’t have internet yesterday (Vision Systems on a Sunday is always a crapshoot anyway) so CVS2 won’t be uploaded for a bit.

Good times x2, got to learn a lot from everyone I played. Special kudos to Ken and Klaige for the tons of friendlies, and regular kudos to Xiang for the contribs to me and QRS’s pizza fund~

Can probably go ahead and Jackie=Kintehr (or Kint) on the results.

I forgot what your s/n was. I’ll do that now. :slight_smile:

Ok now that my internet’s not constantly going out I was able to start uploading vids.