7/18 Charleston, SC SF4 Ran Bat + Fight Night Rd 4 tournament

Where: Play N’ Trade (West Ashley)
1836 Ashley River Rd
Charleston, SC 29407

Sign-ups start @ 11am. Tournament starts @ 12:30pm.

$10 for SF4
$5 for FNR4

Prizes: 1st 100% bonus pts + 70% pot in store credit
2nd 70% bonus + 20% pot in store credit
3rd 50% bonus + 10% pot in store credit

FNR4 Prizes: 1st place - 100% pot in store credit

SF4 = double elim, 2/3 rds, 2/3 matches, 3/5 winners/losers/grand finals. 99time. All characters enabled. Only 3P & 3K button macros allowed.

FNR4 rules will be determined as the date closes in.

This is for next January or for July 18th?

Oh whoops. It’s this month, July 18th :stuck_out_tongue: so 7/18

Made a post about this tourney and added it to the tourney calendar at the SC Tourney Blog

Needs Blazblue 2v2!!!

Craig and I are coming.

BlazBlue has been added!!

Unsure of whether or not $5 or $10 game. 2v2 might replace singles unless there is enough interest for both

That’d be fine with me. At my tourney last weekend the Columbia dudes were more in favor of 2v2 to make it more interesting, since they all practice with each other all the time. See what the Charleston guys want to do.

You know I’ll be there either way.

Will this be played on X-box or PS3?

If you want a specific system, I’d advise bringing that specific console, a copy of the game, and joysticks so people can play on it :stuck_out_tongue:

We mostly do on PS3, but if people bring 360s + accessories, we’ll do them on that as well

Hopefully bringing Gary and Dustin with me for Blazblue as well.


Critty has to be out of the store all day on Saturday so TOMORROW’S TOURNAMENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELED.

Should know by Monday when we can do the make up.



it’s been great … i love to play…
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