7/19/03 Fairfield Tilt monthly

1st - Ricky Ortiz
2nd - Eric Choi
3rd - Randy Lew (NanoBoi)
4th - Brandon Chaney (Dr.B)
t5th - Anthony Philip (Senor Payaso)
t5th - Tony Thompson (yes, relation)

1st - Eric Choi
2nd - Doug Hesia
3rd - Randy Lew (NanoBoi)
4th - Eric Hsu (Xaero)
t5th - Dan Thompson (Spider-Dan)
t5th - Jeff Nguy (RushdownSoul)

(results forthcoming)

1st - JC Alegre
2nd - Jeff Nguy (RushdownSoul)
3rd - Marvin Humphrey
4th - Chris Dobson
t5th - Dan Thompson (Spider-Dan)
t5th - David Flowers

1st - Som
2nd - intellimen
3rd - Scott
4th - Phillip (Jaguarandine)
t5th - Antonio Sandoval
t5th - Tommy

What were the teams/characters used for CvS2???

gratz ricky


Teams and # of entrants

I dont have the brackets, but there were 21 entrants for mvc2.

-The Lew clan used teamscrub
-Larry used teamscrub
-Phil used team viscant
-I used random teams (mag/sent/ dd–IM/storm/psy–mag/storm/dd–teamiMPULSZE)
-saw some storm, cable, cyke
-dan used stri/dd/other
-sean used mag/cable/other–cable/sent/other
-mikey and ricky used storm/sent/other

cant remember the rest.

Off the top of my head

  1. Mikey
  2. Ricky O.

Because I’m a dumbass and left the brackets in a random place I take responsibility if they’re lost forever:

MvC2 results were sort of easy to remember, since I was pretty much there the whole time:

  1. Mikey
  2. Ricky
  3. Randy
  4. Rob or Ron
    5th tied: Rob or Ron/Sean

Mikey and Ricky go 2-2, Mikey wins reluctantly because Ricky botched the unblockable on Commando and Mikey does the comeback thing. Rob and Ron played each other, but whoever won (curse my horrible memory) forfeited immediately after because the winner had to fight Randy and either other Lew weren’t confident in their abilities to defeat him (and why waste tokens?!), exciting stuff that day and because my dice rolling abilities are handicapped, I got to play Mikey first round and because Cable/Doom sucks I lost to Nick (Orochi).

It’s official, CvS2 sucks.

And Spiral is gay.

I don’t know who put him in loser’s, but he had a bye when he was in loser’s and he immediately got to fight Ron.

Rene got beat by I think Rob/Ron.

CVS2 doesnt suck.

i sent rene aka “pops” to the losers brackets cuz i played him first.

so…what did i get? does anyone know?

The games don’t suck, LOSING sucks. That’s why, as far as I’m concerned, TOURNAMNETS suck. Therefore, I just need to get sucked…:eek:

Unfortunately, Rene signed up as a 916 player (we didn’t know who he was by name), so he went two and out to Phil and myself.

Currently, it appears that the MVC2 brackets may be MIA. I will do some more reasearch at Tilt today.