7/19/08 Ashburn, VA C3 (DC/MD/VA)- July JUGGERNAUT 2 results


  1. Marlinpie
  2. Kenji
  3. Destin
  4. HNH
  5. Pot Dan
  6. Moroha


  1. Epsilon
  2. Deviljin
  3. Flare
  4. Therapist
  5. ME!!!
  6. Jose

ST(round robin):

  1. Biron
  2. Comeback
  3. Josh
  4. ME!!!

once again, props to everyone that came in from out of town, truly appreciated. Next time anyone else’s car breaks down at c3, ask for Jose. Hope everyone got home safe, post up Kyle so I know I can take credit for for fixing ur car.

Props to Seth for running all the GG events, jag for the random food support(when did jalepenos become the new poisoned food:confused:)

Good luck to anyone going to Evo/SBO:woot:

yeah this was fun. cant wait till the next one.

i expect more Jo.

i won cvs btw!!

Good shit, my nigs.

yeah im home thanks again eric k, rockman, hahano, and therapist for being the comic relief lol… i made it home safe takin my car in later on monday but it was runnin fine

Good shit Jay taking first in 3S. Sorry I couldn’t make it this month. Might make it out next month.

Hey, this is Biran (or Biron, as Robin misspelled from my first C3 almost 2 years ago and which I never bothered to correct). I told Krost and UltraDavid awhile ago that I would get around to posting regularly here once I finally won one of these things (as opposed to being perennial 2nd) so here’s a start.

ST was actually on AE this time since nobody brought a DC. So rather than cheesing with claw like I normally do, I instead had to… cheese with o.claw.

As an aside (AKA technical ST stuff ahead), it seems most folks on SRK don’t realize that AE n.claw’s faulty wall dive motion actually originates from o.claw’s motion in arcade ST. O.claw also has 1 recovery frame advantage on all his crouching pokes compared to n.claw but they sure don’t make up for the Scarlet Terror, super, more throw damage, picking up his lost claw, and non-crossup wall dives pushing out rather than pulling in. Still, getting the right wall dive motion takes a higher place than all the rest in my view.

Anyway, I’m always up for real life ST (as opposed to practicing on GGPO) so if someone wants to play ST casuals and lives reasonably close to Germantown/Gaithersburg, feel free to hit me up. I have the arcade CPS2 board and a supergun (with 2 Seimitsu sticks) so we can play the real deal if you’d like (although I don’t feel it makes a difference).

Props to Comeback and Josh for always making the long trip to get some ST action with their boxers (actually, that doesn’t sound right). Nice job to Jay for taking 3S. I’ll be off sightseeing the Olympics in August so everyone have a blast next month, have a “good time” at Evo, and play more ST.

Good times everyone. Thanks also to MarlinPie for the japanese commentary in GG singles XD, and Deviljin for crushing my abysmal 3S Ken.

GS to top 3 in 3rd. It seems that I got smacked again with that Life SA3. I’ll see you guys again some other time.

Good seeing the usuals, gg’s to everyone.

Eric Lee, I was disappointed you didn’t come, thought you might swing by.

No probs. LOL. You’ve got a lot to learn before you beat me. Try again kiddo.

I’m really trying to head up to Bmore to head up with you guys and practice some GG. I’ve always wanted to get into it but the only person who likes to play it is my bro and everyone else in my crew can’t stand it. So I can’t really find anyone else to play or really give me a reason to sit down and learn the game. I’ll get on DL and look for ya.

GG’s to everyone at C3 in 3rd. It felt like more of a practice session than a real tourney. Which is what I wanted since I knew if I didn’t go today I wouldn’t get much else before Evo. Pretty low turnout all around for this one. Lot of key players weren’t there and most of my crew are preppin for Japan and probably weren’t trying to spend much more money before then.

Good shit to Philly players for coming out consistantly and GG’s to Epsilon for winning. Very aggressive fights. Just how I like it. I’m good for Evo now. Oh and definitely thanks to Eric for keeping these things running every month. Luckily I finally bought another copy of SFAC after I very stupidly lost my original copy 2 years ago at Evo.

oh shit, fucking eps. nice.

Biron if u got teh super gun bring that shit next time so we can get the real ST goin lol that would be some awesome times right their… have fun at the olympics man i wish i could see that shit… too epic

Nice to play everyone. Glad the tournament ended early and we could get a lot of casuals in. We haven’t had time for that in a long time.

GG’s all.

Thanks and will do, Comeback. Maybe the arcade version will help generate some hype for ST. One of the sticks needs to be worn in though (not many crazy motions needed playing 2D arcade shooters like I usually do).

alright bring it in we can break them in reall nice like :slight_smile:

Too bad I missed this one. Good shit to Ep for winning. And I take it the next C3 is going to be in September?

… or August…

Good. A tourney for those that are going to miss Evo. :sad: Dammit I hate my slavery job. :mad:

Does it come with government cheese? I dunno why…I’ve been thinkin bout it all day.

I’m definitely looking forward to another tourney after Evo. Hopefully with a slightly less abyssmal turnout. Maybe everyone’s waiting for SFIV. Even the Smash turnout was sad and they always have way more people than we do.

Good shit in 3rd Strike peoples. Congrats Jay.

It would’ve been cool to show but I’ve been hit by the school-loan unblockable. :sad: