7/19/08 Stockton teams/single

Grapevine comics and cards
9299 Thorton Road, Stockton Cali

Sign ups start ar 12 and end 130
Tourney will start at 2

GAMES singles/ 3v3 teams
Cvs2, 3s, st, ggxxac, marvel.
All games will be 3v3 teams accept for cvs2 (2v2)
I will decide whether or not to make the teams single elim or 2/3 per person depending on attendance.

Cash pot of 70/20/10 will be usual to $5 entry fee abd store prizes will also be givin.

This will be a console tourney.

Hope to see the friends there…

dope! im in


Sweet bring all of 707! Ill be sure to make sake bombs!!!

Sticky plz. If possible.

ill be there

Thanks! Ill see you there!

This is going to be good! I’m IN!

Bump it up.

Anyone from Union City or near the area going?


Anyone go to this?