7/19 Seattle Lanwerx MvC2, CvS2, and 3S results


** MvC2, 13 people**

** 1-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel-a**
** 2-Ian T. “Vashthastampede”-Cable/Sentinel/CLOPS!**
** 3-Brian Jiang-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 4-Mandel Scott “C_R”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel-a**
** 5-Issariya Huvanandana-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 5-Mark Santos-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 7-Rattana Phanthourath-Storm/Sentinel/Cable, Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 7-Zach Robinson “zachdms”-Sentinel/Cable/CLOPS, Sabretooth/Cable/Tron**

** CvS2, 16 people**

** 1-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-N Iori/Yamazaki/Sagat, K Cammy/Morrigan/Sagat**
** 2-Masanori Takee-A Sakura/Bison/Blanka**
** 3-Ian T. “Vashthastampede”-C Yamazaki/Chun Li/Sagat**
** 4-James Naumann “astroboy”-C Ryo/Guile/Blanka**
** 5-Brian Jiang-K Blanka/Vega/Bison**
** 5-Jason Gonzalez “Apoc”-S Cammy/Chun Li/Zangief**
** 7-Mandel Scott “C_R”-N Iori/Chun Li/Sagat**
** 7-Chris Calas “Red Bull”-K Blanka or Vega/Cammy/Sagat**

** 3S, 12 people**

** 1-John Michael “lifetimeboy”-Ken III**
** 2-Masanori Takee-Chun Li II**
** 3-Ondrej Lang-Urien II**
** 4-Jason Gonzalez “Apoc”-Dudley I**
** 5-Ryan Sipe “Croaky is Frog”-Urien III**
** 5-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Ken III**
** 7-Ian T. “Vashthastampede”-Necro I**
** 7-Dmitry Kudkay-??? I dun even know if I spelled his name right**

** Random comments-Thanks to Zach for settin up the tourneys, thanks to Brian J for showin up. Congrats to all the top finishers.**

** EDIT-A player whos name will remain unidentified wanted me to say that Issariya jacked Kuan in the losers, and that Kuan got jacked by Row!**


** Highlights (due to a request)**
** Ondrej beatin Trinh then Zach beatin Ondrej immediately afterwards.**
** Watchin the beginnin of one of the matches between Rat and Issariya and seein Issariya kill Rats Cable mad fast, so I walk away and then I look over to see that Rat had won the match.**
** Ian gettin 2nd in Marvel and 3rd in CvS2. Stop beasting crazy ass.**
** Me gettin beasted by Apocs S Gerald. GERAAAALD!**
** Me gettin beasted by Zach in CvS2. I hate Zangief.**
** John Michael doin Star Wars Kid.**

HELP! Missing Operating System_

wish I could have made it. :frowning: Good job to all the people who entered. :slight_smile: 16 for CVS2!! :eek: John and I wasn’t even there.




Issariya vs Rattana (1-2)

1st game
team scrub vs strom/sent/cable close but i win :slight_smile:

2nd game
team scrub vs team scrub
rat switch into his cable the first second so i just combo his cable with my sent and perfected his cable in the first 7-8 secs but somehow rat’s sent/cap came back and kill my entire team. w…t…f :eek: i went psycho

3rd game
scrub vs scrub

rat owns me like he was playing with a computer :wasted:

Issariya vs Kuan (2-0)

1st game and 2nd game (very close)
sent/strom/cap vs team row

i kill his team and run away like a bitch both matches.

Issariya vs Mandel Scott (1-2)
scrub vs team row

warning!!! warning!!! this black guy is ruthless. he owns me for free. fuck!! i should have pick strom instead of cable.

zach! you are a lot better now. keep it up.

Starting a series, becoming a better Bison player

cvs2 had more than marvel in SEATTLE? wow.


how the fuck did that happen?