7/19 X-Men vs Street Fighter Tournament - Family Fun EVO Qualifier

This Sunday, 7/19.

Family Fun Arcade.
Corner of Balboa and Devonshire

Signups start at 4pm
Turney starts at 5 pm

Only 5 dollars to enter
2/3 Double Elimination
2/3 Finals
4/7 Grand Finals

In town for SBO quals? Have time to kill in between MvC2 matches? Why not play the game that’s making a comeback. Called by some “Marvel Jr.”, XvSF has resurged in popularity. So much, that there will even be an unofficial tournament at EVO WORLD 2K8. This is your chance to get seeded!

See Dog-face or MegamanDS at Family Fun to sign-up


Vic Good luck with the tournament.

“hell is hot” is not a location

Hype hype hype I’m not coming =p

But youal ready knew that

I work bro, plus we’re holding the Madden tourney at every store :sad:


that would be me…:lovin:


should I talk shit or something?

…come get some at EVOOOOOOO!!!