7/2/11 DustBowl $500 dollar bonus mvc3/t6/MK9/SSFIVAE Syracuse ny

I would to thank all the placers and everyone for showing up :slight_smile:
Good shit to JuG for taking AE and Jacob for making that money in marvel :slight_smile:

Tourney ran great with some min set backs thrown in but now I know what to be ready for when I throw DustBowl II


  1. Jacob Patenaud
  2. SmoothViper
  3. Minic
  4. PikaPika!
  5. Grifter
  6. Polish Mafia
  7. Grade A Thrive
  8. KidGoggles
  9. Kyo45
  10. PsychoChronic
  11. Super Bum
  12. Super Acid
  13. Gosuping
  14. Theli
  15. Frametrap
  16. Paul Rode
  17. Christopher Duchene
  18. Anthony Salvador
  19. Yegnud
  20. CloudEX-Soldier
  21. Tito
  22. Tyler D
  23. Cosme01
  24. Damus
  25. Shaolin315
  26. Techwon315
  27. zak5
  28. Jiggatron
  29. Wongzor
  30. Moods
  31. Nelson Infante
  32. Tainted Eternity
  33. Kranjoos
  34. ProjectX
  35. Jwright


  1. Jug
  2. Jacob Patenaud
  3. Grifter
  4. Minic
  5. Might Guy
  6. EMP The Game
  7. Damus
  8. Zero FXi
  9. Farinasty
  10. Christopher Duchene
  11. Kyo45
  12. Boush
  13. Swagalot
  14. Frametrap
  15. Yegnud
  16. NickPSI
  17. Gigatenga
  18. JBlaze
  19. Grade A Shook
  20. Wongzor
  21. Kitsuji
  22. CloudEX-Soldier
  23. Kranjoos
  24. PsychoChronic
  25. Grade A Thrive
  26. Anthony Salvador
  27. Brendan Spier
  28. Cosme01
  29. SSJ Hot Garbage
  30. Shaolin315
  31. Maresh Escoffery
  32. Theli
  33. Brett Wideman
  34. zak5


  1. GM
  2. The Exhalted
  3. Lingmassacre
  4. SSJ Hercules Beetle
  5. Zzy
  6. EMP The Game
  7. Damus
  8. SSJ Hot Garbage
  9. Real Law
  10. SSJ Solus
  11. Cha Cha
  12. Polish Mafia
  13. Italian Sausage
  14. LordSavior
  15. Sparta MA
  16. CloudEX-Soldier
  17. Jwright
  18. Juan Valle
  19. Hiro Tan
  20. Maresh Escoffery


  1. Nelson Infante
  2. Jacob Patenaud
  3. Gillsean
  4. CloudEX-Soldier
  5. Tito
  6. Juan Valle
  7. Silentdeath315
  8. GM
  9. Cosme01
  10. Shaolin315
  11. Sparta MA
  12. 13Sigma
  13. Damus
  14. Tainted Eternity
  15. Jwright
  16. Funsize
  17. Ron1Jet
  18. Trevor Jones-Wright

it would be coo if you put where everyone was from if its not too much trouble

I had a blast, GGs to everyone, I was the player using Trish/Viper/Ammy in Marvel doing unblockable setups.

I forgot how to fight rufus >_>. Good shit Jacob.

Good matches to everyone, nice turn out and everything, definitely would do again.

I was the KID blowing fools up with Viewtiful Joe. Good matches to everyone I played. That Grade A kid must be pretty good for him to tie with me. I’m glad I didnt give him a chance to hit me when I played him, he might have blown me up. Lol!

Big ups to my training partners Minic and Pika x2. Also, shout outs to that dude who stomped me like 20 times in a row in Tekken, at least I learned something lol.

shout outs to polish for barely talking to me all day… jerk =P

This is Jacob P., I just wanted to say thanks again for hosting such a baller event. It was good times all around and it was great getting to meet new players and kick it with some good friends.

Does any happen to have the video of me vs Erik in the grand finals? Or even me vs Jug in ssf4? I saw that someone posed some vids up on youtube from the event, but I was hoping someone got these recorded.

I’m gonna get at you again in super I didn’t like that L I took heh.