7/2 Battle @ the Capital Results:Ibuki wins a 3S tourney!

7/1/2006 -7/2/2006 Tourney

Sf3: 3rd Strike (23 Players)

1st DevilJin (Ibuki 1)
2nd Shinshay (ken 3, Chun 2, Ryu 3)
3rd Ramza (Makato 2)
4th Cajunstrike (Makato 2)
5th Flare (Ryu 3)
5th Psoul (Elena 2)
7th 10x (Ken 3)
7th Ypei (Yun 3)
9th umthrfkr (Alex 2)
9th Phil (Ken 3)

Flare beat Cajun in pools 2-1, last round
DJ sends Roski to losers 2-0
Eric K sends Shinshay to losers 2-1
Winners Final: DJ defeats Ramza 3-2
Cajunstrike defeats flare 2-1 in the last round
Eric Lee defeats Cajunstrike in the closest match i’ve even seen (vid coming soon!) last seconds, both have pixels remaining
Eric Lee switched to Chun and beat Eric K’s Makoto 3-1 in loser Final
Devil Jin defeats Shinshay 4-1 in grand final.

Saturday’s Results

1st Bmore Chun
2nd Jody Woodley
3rd Eric Lee

1st Gunmeylef (Nate)
2nd RabitECake
3rd Shazay
4th Steve harrison

1st Rugal B.
2nd Steve Harrison
3rd Jody Woodley

Note: Steve forfeits a match due to accidental reset in loser final to Jody, comes back in 5th game to win.

1st Hellshadow

And the winner of the “BEST of the REST TOURNEY” (non qualifiers)

with Sir Jiggles (Grant) coming in 2nd



DJ (2300+380)= 2680 points
Eric K (950+766.66) = 1717
Eric Lee= 1150
Steve Harrison= 633
CajunStrike= 575
10x (329+211)= 540
ROCKMAN= (271+209) 480
Victor= 475
YPEI= 329
MOD= 271

Congrats to DevilJin. I always see that guy’s posts everywhere. Now I know he’s no joke.

Nate holding it down thats what i like to see, GL at east

Holy shit, DevilJin won?! Congratulations to you, man!

Guilty Gear was actually:

1st Guymelef (MA)
2nd RabiteCake (TE)
3rd Shazay (SL)
4th Steve H. (KY)
5th Mr. Mamation (KY)
5th Roski (PO)

GGs everyone! Fun tourney despite the not so big turnout for Slash this time.

You’re right. Lolz. 3 hours sleep in 3 days= robin thinking Steve won. I remember you talking about it now.

Wow, this tournament sounded like fun. Congrats to Deviljin for beating Eric. I should have come but my basement got flooded earlier last week due to the rain last weekend and yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning and moving stuff back into place after the damage was cleaned up. And plus I have no reliable stick.:sad:

Good shit to my boy DJ. Way to hold that shit down bro.

This was a pretty fun tournament, despite me not having picked up an arcade stick in about 4 months or so. I guess those “shout out” things are in order, as that’s what kids do these days.

First to Robin/Renegade, for running the show. Yeah, we all know you wanted more HSF action going on, but you’ll get plenty of that at EVO.

My man Pat Van Pelt (“You dirty motherfucker” I think is his SRK name. Maybe without the dirty part.) It’s too bad you got out of the first poker match on Sunday pretty fast. I didn’t feel like running to the ATM for the second one so maybe we’ll play sometime again.

Xenozip: We had some good times dicking around in KOF XI, and thanks for the matches in A3. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to throw fireballs reliably and not do random fierce DPs that get me owned. I’m not even going to mention 3S, I was demolished easily by your Ibuki. Oh shit, I guess I just mentioned it. Damn it all to hell.

Eric Lee: Grats on the poker winnings. Stop taking Robin’s money man. Thanks for actually telling me that I was being to repetative/predicatable in 3S. I had kinda felt like I was, but it took someone actually telling me for it to sink in. Hopefully next time we play I’ll be little bit more than a punching bag for you.

Tony (from NC. I don’t think you said your SRK name): Thanks for the copy of KOF XI. I’m going to get my PS2 modded so I can play it. Thanks for chillin with me, and we’ll have to hang out in NC and get some games/drinks on. Probably both, as alcohol seems to make me a better player. I’m not sure if it actually does, but at least I think I’m better.

Orochi: Good talking to you again. When you’re in Charlotte or I’m in Durham we should get some games on.

I know he doesn’t read the forums, but everyone should give big ups to the C3 employee who stayed until about 5AM so we could keep playing. He didn’t have to stay anywhere near that late, so we should buy him a pizza or something next time. Just to let him know he’s appreciated.

I know I’m forgetting some people. I was pretty tired this weekend as I’m still kinda jetlagged. Thanks for everyone for coming, and for playing games. Hopefully at the next C3 I’ll be a little more in practice and alot more concious.

Great tournament!


Just so everyone knows poker tournament standings!!!

1st MOOSE 180 bones
2nd Eric “Shinshay” Lee coming in with 90 bones
3rd Pat "I should have got 2nd"Van Pelt coming in with 30 bones

Rarrrgggg more people for poker next time was fun!!!

Good shit DJ, good shit!

Also <3 @ Shazay~


7/1/2006 -7/2/2006 Tourney

Sf3: 3rd Strike (23 Players)

1st DevilJin (Ibuki 1)

R U SERIOUS??? I destroyed deviljin last time we played…that boy must have got better if he beat eric lee!>?!? Good shit son. The Moose salutes you. Now don’t dissapoint and beat exodus for that trip to evo if u beat him u earn it.

Jay-beeezeeee Holding It For G-town, What’s Really Hood

Wtf @ there being no team tourney. On the 29th, there had better be one. That’s pretty much the whole reason I came.

Other than that, good tourney. Nice playing everybody, especially those who came from NC.

xbox live bum wins with ibuki good job DJ your a beast. and exodus is a fucking scrub come to evo east son

Thanks for the props guys. Smooth…good to hear from you again. I saw you holding it down at SBO qualifiers in those match vids. I’m looking for some more of that Ken on Ibuki action. Doubt I’ll be going to Evo East but I’ll be down for VTYME and looking for that chance to go to Evo.

In any event…I got mad shout outs (as always so let me go ahead and break it down).

**Shinshay **- you were the one to beat at the tournament and the 2 day event proved to be no exception. I really wanted to get that money match in to get some practice in on your shoto play style . I haven’t fought you in forever and I’ve gotten a good bit of practice in against my sparring partner 10x who always barely beats me out of tournaments. With more games you’ll definitely find a way to adjust no doubt. I know Chun is out there in your bag of tricks so if you feel the need to bring her on…definitely do so. I’m always looking for new challenges. Time to GET MONEY! Waldorf style.

10x- Thanks again for letting me stay at your friend’s place. His mom is mad chill and pets are cool. Never hurts to get a few drinks in before a tournament. Hav not remembering what games we played afterwards = LAWLNESS. Sucks that you got peaced out early in the tournament. I was looking to get a chance to finally do you in. Those bastards beat me to it. Going through 2 Makoto players was kinda rough for me and I’m sure you probably had to deal with one of them going into the tournament. We got screwed out of the 3 on 3 unfortunately but next time…there is DEFINITELY going to be one and we’ll be looking to represent the DC metro scene. :cool:

**Young Hav **- what can I say? It’s come a long way from the super cancelling P groove days. 3rd Strike was always my game (I just have a thing for parrying stuff and abusing overheads) though so it’s all good. Thanks for hooking us up with a ride to Aaron’s and back. Nice that we found that Circuit City right across from my bank. Not having a phone when you’re a ways out from where you live is not all that cool. Good stuff husting people in poker/CVS2. You did your thing putting me up for CVS2 right after winning the tournament. Despite that pudgy black kid who knocked over my PS2 (which amazingly…still works). I’m definitely gonna have to get back into CVS2. It’s a difference pace from 3S and it’ll help in teaching me to open people up without relying on parries. I definitely look forward to you learning 3S. It’s definitely tons of fun once you get into it and you using Makoto would be top tier shit.

Ramza - good shit holding it down in the tournament. I’ve seen how difficult the Ken vs. Makoto matchup can be from match vids. Ken just has that c.MP and c.MK to make sure you don’t close the gap anytime soon. You definitely held shit down in the tournament and I wouldn’t have been surprised if you did end up beating Shinshay. Your Makoto just keeps improving with each tournament. Yet I have to keep improving to keep up. Those mixups put a serious hurt on Ibuki. I basically have to shut her out before she gets in on me and that’s tough for someone with as crap defense as Ibuki. Also good shit to you and Shinshay for getting back at me in the money matches like 4:30 in the morning. 3 zipping me when I’m all hungover from Red Bull. LOL. Bitchez be out for blood!

Cajun and the NC crew - good shit holding it down for SNK/3S. You guys were like the only ones down for SNK. I don’t play NGBC (yet) but I would have definitely been down to get rocked in a KOFXI tourney. I love that game. Nothing but rushdown all the fucking time. Man Cajun…I was feeling for you in that fight against Shinshay. I could tell he was worked up a bit from your playing style but then he went into a zoning frenzy and was just shutting you straight out with those low fowards/strongs. The way that match ended reminded me of that KSK ranbat between 3S and Pyrolee. Just barely missing the parry on the EX fireball. I felt for ya fo sho. We’ll definitely have to get some gaming in at one of ya’llz tournaments. Orochi did his thing holding it down with SA3 Alex in the tournament.

Ypei - Always good to meet up with you at the tournaments. Definitely ain’t got nothing against the brothas coming out from PG. I used to live down there for a year and it’s nothing but black people. Holdin it down for the afro community 24/7. Your Yun gave me trouble in that first match but I had to come back to have a chance of placing top 10. I can’t afford to go 2-0 in round robins. That shit hurts your chances of top placing by a lot. 2-1 is bad enough. See ya at next tournament.

umthrfkr - Poker fiend returns for another C3 event. Still holding it down with Alex I see. He does a lot of fucking damage and his throw mix ups are sweet. He was always my 2nd character to Ibuki. Just too fun to use. You’ll have to teach me to play some poker fo sho sometime.

Jose - Latinos representing 3S erryday. Urien casuals were good shit. Wanted another match against you in the tourney but didn’t work out that way. SA3 Alex is the most ridic shit. LOL. Your Urien is still hella solid and you get me all the time with those half assed Aegis setups where I keep getting pushed back into the Aegis repeatedly. Good shit. Looking forward to more Urien at next C3. You are indeed…the BEST of the REST. :lol: LAWLERSKATES

Moose - More good matches against your Pot in Guilty Gear. He just does too much damned damage (and takes it too well for my Chipp). I’m gonna have to learn to overwhelm him with the ninja rush to have a chance in Slash. Oh and thanks for the props in 3S. I remember you beasting me with Ken back in the day. Ken low forward on wake up used to own me like a bitch back then (still does…just not as much). Look forward to seeing you next touney.

**B.More Chun **- Good to finally realize who you are. You are mad skilled in CVS2. Top tiers + C groove = free money. Hustled my boy Hav too. Learning to beat those top tiers will be my goal going into the next set of tournaments. It’ll be hard though cuz I have like zero CVS2 competition where I live but we’ll see what I can come up with.

**Rugal B and Steve **- nice seeing you 2 again. You guys should have came down for 3S. I know it’s not really you guys game and all but Steve especially held it down at the last tournament. You guys are welcome to peace me in CVS2 anytime. Oh and thanks Steve for getting us free wins in 3 on 3 Slash.

**Jamie Austin/RabbitCake **- good to finally meet you in person. I was trying to chill with you and Andre the last time but shit didn’t work out. You’re real cute and chill although quite deceiving about your fighting game prowess. If I could mash buttons like you I would have a free trip to Evo already. Good shit and don’t break any nails on the way to Evo. :lol:

**Philly crew **- good seeing you again Dream. Glad to meet Flare as well. You guys have got skills fo sho in 3S and do a good job of holding down the dpad team. Hope you didn’t get hurt driving 100 + back to Philly.

**Oh and definitely mad props to Renegade for holding down this event. ** The one thing I like about C3 is that tourneys don’t get fucked up here and 3S is well accommodated for. Seeing it’s the biggest 2d fighter in the dc metro area. If you’re not playing Tekken 5…you’re playing 3S. Plain and simple. The fact that you still go out of your way to host tournaments for both KOFXI and NGBC is hella cool. Despite like…the NC crew and my bro and myself being the only ones interested in participating. Keep taking my money in Hyper and I’ll be broke fo sho. You’re too good at the old school stuff. Oh and you yelling at that random GQ wannabe azn guy who doesn’t play games after he ran through the tv screens during the tournament was hilarious. Why anyone decides it’s cool to run through the TV’s is beyond me. That’s just fucking stupid.

Oh and where was DOA4 at? I didn’t even see that game being played. :wtf:

Alright! Go DevilJin! Ibuki is a beast… dood!

U so sexay baby. Thanks dood. If you could come up to VTYME that’d be hella awesome. Ibuki playaz represent. :tup:

[quote=DevilJin 01]
**Jamie Austin/RabbitCake **- good to finally meet you in person. I was trying to chill with you and Andre the last time but shit didn’t work out. You’re real cute and chill although quite deceiving about your fighting game prowess. If I could mash buttons like you I would have a free trip to Evo already. Good shit and don’t break any nails on the way to Evo. :lol:


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