(7/20/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #66

Another exciting and cake filled tourney from the Break!

1: Arturo (Adon, Rose)
2: Ryder (Abel)
3: HatBoss Legend (Akuma)
4: KDZ
5: MarlinPie
5: SuperMIN
7: NerdJosh
7: Chemist4Hire
9: Darth ARMA
9: Dizzy
9: Elias
9: Kazi
13: DemonEyes
13: Damian
13: SKM
13: Frantastic
17: Black Bond
17: Josh Wong
17: Polo
17: JD
17: RonStoppable
17: Quotes
17: Dycknasty
17: Kich
25: Jaxel
25: Philly One
25: Eugene
25: Jonchimpo
25: JSZombie
25: Dave Destruction
25: Up-Up Down-Down
25: Lone Wolf Troy
33: Chakl
33: Siiig
33: Dave2J
33: Coderius
33: Vendetta
33: WetBucket
33: Puccabuki
33: Kyugene

Good shit Art. Rose is the future. :slight_smile:

Question – what is a typical payout for an 8 on the Break win?

can someone tell me where the stream is, it seems to of moved , thanks

You can find it at 8WayRun.Com on USTREAM: Video gaming at the Jaxel-Dome! Subscribe to me on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jasonaxelrod Twitter: http://twitter.com/Jas…

Not enough to stop triforce from taking legal action against you :rofl:

Fun time. The Break has a lot of chill people.

Yo…Do matches only record onto the streaamm…? Or can you save the to a drive?

Good tourney always chill PPL at the break…GG…Chemist…

thanks, i used to watch the break the day after as it’s too late for most of us UK viewers, is there anywhere i can watch the last 2 tourneys now, i don’t see a video archive like the one they had on the justin.tv site ?

RonStoppable?? For reals?